Violblast (Podcast Interview)

Violblast - Conflict

Violblast’s music is an assault on the auditory senses, which just wreaks havoc of the highest calibre making you go deaf beyond the point of no return. Guitarist Santi and Sebas gave us the insight into what makes Violblast’s “Conflict” CD so unique and heavy as hell.

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Violblast – Conflict (Thrash metal album review)

Violblast - Conflict

Spain’s Violblast is thrash metal at its best, and their debut full length album “Conflict” is sure to leave you moshing for more head pounding violence.

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Torrefy – The Infinity Complex (Thrash Metal album review)

Torrefy - The Infinity Complex

Torrefy is going to thrash you up so bad, you’ll feel like stabbing yourself in the throat, especially when you feel their unholy wrath on “The Infinity Complex”.

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Anthrax – For All Kings 7″ Box Set (Thrash Metal Compilation Review)

Anthrax - For All Kings 7" Box set

Anthrax’s newest box set of uniquely presented ten 7″ vinyl records are loaded with 20 cuts of demo versions and a couple of killer covers that’s sure to give you a vicious beating mentally and physically.

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Inferno – Genetica Humana (Thrash metal album review)

Inferno - Genetica Humana

Spaniards Inferno play a skull shattering and body bruising style of thrash metal, which is sure to crush your spirit with its hellish, pounding rhythms and acidic, pissed-off vocals.

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Violblast – Conflict (Thrash Metal album review)


Violblast play thrash metal influenced by the likes of early Slayer, Sepultura and Kreator, but with their own style of European brutality and musical insanity.

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Bulgarian’s Eufobia play an old school style of melodic, aggressive metal with well crafted riffs and groove driven rhythms, which bring to mind the good old days of thrash metal.

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Kreator – Love Us Or Hate Us – The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1985-1992 (Thrash Metal album review)

Kreator - Love Us Or Hate Us

The newly resurrected Noise Records through BMG has released a best of CD by Kreator, of their early classics, and it’s one CD, which shows why these guys revolutionized extreme metal forever.

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Reabilitator – Global Degeneration (Thrash metal album review)

Reabilitator - Global Degeneration

Russian thrash trio is sure to whip your ass so damn hard, you’ll not know what hit you, as their thrash metal is more dangerous than a speeding bullet.

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Beltfed Weapon -Raining Plague (Thrash Metal EP review)


Beltfed Weapon play thrash metal, assaulting the auditory senses with so much aggression, you’re prone to feel their suicidal wrath of destruction mercilessly.

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