DISAVOWED – Revocation Of The Fallen (Death Metal CD)

Disavowed - Revocation Of The Fallen

Dutch death metal veterans Disavowed are back with their long awaited long player in the form of “Revocation Of The Fallen”, which sonically punishes all of your senses mercilessly.

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CARNOSUS – Dogma Of The Deceased (Death Metal CD)

Carnosus - Dogma Of The Deceased

Swede’s Carnosus play a precision style of melodic death metal that’s as crushing as it sick and twisted from every musical perspective.

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Feto In Fetus – From Blessing To Violence (Death/Grind CD review)

Feto In Fetus

Polish death grind stalwarts Feto In Fetus play a blasting blend of guttural death metal infused with sick and twisted emotions of grind. “From Blessing To Violence” is sure to knock you unconscious and leave you for dead in a shallow grave.

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Sarugutuwa – Namakubi (Gore Grind album review)

Sarugutuwa - Namakubi

Japan’s Sarugutuwa play a blasting brand of gore grind lethal enough to blow your head off within the first listen, as it is viciously punishing and physically demoralizing.

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Schizogen – Parasitic Origin (Guttural Death Metal album review)

Schizogen - Parasitic Origin

Kiev, Ukraine’s guttural death metal lords Schizogen play a pulverizing blend of skull shattering extreme metal meets gut regurgitating brutal death.

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Insatanity – Divine Decomposition (Brutal Death Metal album review)

Insatanity - Divine Decomposition

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s sinister and unholy, brutal guttural terror unit known as Insatanity is definitely going to beat your skull in with their brand of ultra brutal death metal with slight hints of black metal.

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Cyanosis – Perpetuation Of Eradication (Brutal death metal album review)

Cyanosis - Perpetuation Of Eradication

Cyanosis play guttural death metal that’s potent enough to make the listener regurgitate last night’s meal of visceral human flesh – yes, it is that disgustingly grotesque.

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Deranged – Struck By A Murderous Siege (Death Metal album review)


Deranged return with a new studio album after five years, and it is definitely worth the wait, as this murderous bitch is sure to decapitate you, leave your bloodied corpse for the vultures flying high above.

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Enthrallment – Eugenic Wombs (Brutal Death Metal album review)

Enthrallment - Eugenic Wombs

There are nine tracks of ultra chaotic, proficiently played death metal that’s sure to leave even the veteran extreme metal head in a complete state of disarray.

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Inhuman – Conquerors Of The New World (Death Metal album review)

Inhuman - Conquerors Of The New World

Inhuman, may play technical death metal but they definitely do it convincingly, making followers out of potential listeners.

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