Butcher ABC – North Of Hell (Grinding Death Metal album review)

Butcher ABC - North Of Hell

Japan’s sickened and mentally ill grinding death metal freaks Butcher ABC is definitely a band you’re bound get immersed in with their bestial bloodletting rites and violent episodes of flesh ripping grinding death metal.

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Broken Hope – Mutilated and Assimilated (Death Metal album review)

Mutilated And Assimilated CD art

Broken Hope’s newest long player in the form of “Mutilated And Assimilated” is an unrelenting Tour De Force death metal insanity, which is sure to drive you to the point of nihilistic extinction.

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Violblast (Podcast Interview)

Violblast - Conflict

Violblast’s music is an assault on the auditory senses, which just wreaks havoc of the highest calibre making you go deaf beyond the point of no return. Guitarist Santi and Sebas gave us the insight into what makes Violblast’s “Conflict” CD so unique and heavy as hell.

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Violblast – Conflict (Thrash metal album review)

Violblast - Conflict

Spain’s Violblast is thrash metal at its best, and their debut full length album “Conflict” is sure to leave you moshing for more head pounding violence.

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Violblast – Conflict (Thrash Metal album review)


Violblast play thrash metal influenced by the likes of early Slayer, Sepultura and Kreator, but with their own style of European brutality and musical insanity.

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Mrome – Noetic Collision On The Roof Of Hell (Dark Metal album review)


Poland’s two man war machine known as Mrome, play darkened metal with hints of groove and thrash metal, which is sure to incite some fights.

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Reabilitator – Global Degeneration (Thrash metal album review)

Reabilitator - Global Degeneration

Russian thrash trio is sure to whip your ass so damn hard, you’ll not know what hit you, as their thrash metal is more dangerous than a speeding bullet.

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Mithridatic – Miserable Miracle (death metal album review)

Mithridatic - Miserable Miracle

Mithridatic play a very intricately crafted blend of death and black metal, with moments of experimentation and auditory devastation for the human ear – this band will consume you alive.

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Slayer – Repentless (Heavy Metal album review)

Slayer - Repentless

Slayer’s not just back, they’ve reinvented their old school extreme metal brutality, and have released their best sonic, swarm of terror insanity in the form of “Repentless”.

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Bootlegs – Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema (thrash metal album review)

Bootlegs – Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema

he mosh-laden rhythms along with the metallic and rockish leads just blows past your face…

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