Greg Lake – Greg Lake/Manoeuvres (Rock Music double album review)


This double CD set by Greg Lake is a classic in the form of the self titled CD, “Greg Lake” and “Manoeuvres”, which is loaded with immense talent from this British-born songwriter and one-time member of ELP.

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Journey – Live In Manila (Blu-Ray DVD + 2 CD set review)

Live In Manila

Journey is sure to rock your world with “Live In Manila”, and you can definitely bet on this, as this Blu-Ray DVD and two live CD set brings back good old memories of yesteryear.

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Toto – Live At Montreux 1991 (Rock Music Blu-Ray/CD review)

Toto - Live at Montreux 1991

Toto has always been an awesome band to listen due to their creative songwriting and strong musicianship, and “Live At Montreux” shows they’re definitely one hell of a rock band to experience live.

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The Dead Daises – Make Some Noise (Rock Music album)


The Dead Daises play heavy rock with tons of fat rhythms and upbeat vocals that are sure to make you sing-a-long and bang your head to their dirty, energetic rock music.

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Gunhill – Nightheat/One Over The Eight (Rock Music album review)

GUNHILL-Nightheat:One Over The Eight

Gunhill’s reissues in the form “Nightheat” and ‘One Over The Eight” feature none other than one of rock’s finest voices, John Lawton, and this is rock music with soul listeners can truly feel.

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Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors Live

Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors Live

Imagine Dragons’ newest blu-ray/CD set captures the quartet in their all out live glory, with audiences just going crazy after their brand of alternative and art rock.

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Lucifer’s Friend – Live @ Sweden Rock 2015 (Rock Music Live CD review)

LUCIFERS FRIEND Live at sweden rock_WEB

Lucifer’s Friend is going to rock you hard until you drop, begging for more soul soothing rock music at its finest, in a concert setting.

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Aunt Mary – New Dawn (Rock album review)

Aunt Mary - New Dawn

Norway’s Aunt Mary is sure to rock your world with their melodic and infectious slab of progressive, melodic and catchy rock.

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The Lizards (Podcast Interview)

The Lizards - Reptilicus Maximus

The Lizards is sure to rock your world so hard, you will not even know what hit you, but it is a good thing, as their music is loaded with good positive vibes. Just one listen to “Reptilicus Maximus” and you will be hooked, literally.

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Micheal Monroe – Blackout States (Rock album review)

Michael Monroe - Blackout States

It’s definitely a very enlightening experience listening to Monroe’s upbeat and energetic singing, as he just brings the listener right into his carefree, fuck the world…

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