Dead Asylum – Death Always Wins (Death Metal album review)


Dead Asylum is old school death metal with modern touches that’ll mess up your life like some hardcore drug – you’ve been warned!

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HerezA – I Become Death (Death Metal album review)


Croatian extreme metal band HerezA play old school death metal within the Swedish vein, and keep their music dark with slight hardcore sounds mixed in with the heaviness of modern day death metal.

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Ribspreader – Suicide Gate – A Bridge To Death (Death metal album review)


Rogga Johansson, the sick and twisted mastermind behind Paganizer and Putrevore is back with his main band, Ribspreader, and it is sure to rip out your ribs and more on “Suicide Gate-A Bridge To Death.

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Entrapment – Through Realms Unseen (Death metal album review)


Swedish death metal band Entrapment play a groove fueled, old school influenced Swedish death metal that brings to mind the good old days of early Entombed, Carnage and Unleashed. “Through Realms Unseen” is guaranteed to melt the skin of off your bones…

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Abominant – Napalm Reign (Death Metal album review)


Abominant is not your run of the mill typical death metal band, as they play old school death metal repulsive enough to make your head explode in fury.

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Dead End – Reborn From The Ancient Grave (Death metal CD review)

Dead End - Reborn From The Ancient Grave

Dead End shatters the sound barrier with their brand of old school death metal with hints of doom metal that’s sure to leave the listener in a state of extreme pain.

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Coldblood – Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil (Old School Death Metal album review)

Coldblood - Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil

Brazilians Coldblood play old school death metal, with morbid sounding, evil spell chanting guitars and growls sure to imprecate the devil from his eternal chamber of fires.

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Humanity Delete – Fuck Forever Off (Death metal album review)

Humanity Delete - Fuck Forever Off

Humanity Delete play old death metal with a mid-tempo to darkened and doomy atmospheres mixed in with death metal brutality that’ll lay to waste everything in its way.

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Comatose – The Ultimate Revenge (Death Metal album review)

Comatose - The Ultimate Revenge

Phillipino old school death metal band Comatose play death metal, which is very reminicent of early Deicide, Benediction and Nocturnus. Their music is sure to beat your head in, leaving you to bleed out your brains.

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Rotheads – Unfazed By Death (Old School Death Metal CD review)

Rotheads - Unfazed By Death

Romanians Rotheads is sure to punish you with their old school death metal, skull crushing, soul obliterating extremes, whereby you will not even stand a chance of surviving their auditory warfare.

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