VALDUR – Divine Cessation (Blackened/Death Metal album review)

Valdur - Divine Cessation

USA’s bestial war machine Valdur play a depressive and eerie blend of black and death metal that is very sinister and morbid in execution.

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Soul Gutter Podcast interview


Soul Gutter play death metal with hints of old school black metal, which is sure to rip your head off, and leave your dying corpse for the vultures circling above, to feed on.

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Drama/Perdition Winds (Black Metal split EP)

Drama/Perdition Winds

Drama and Perdition Winds split CD is only three songs long, but the energy and firepower found on this black metal release is more explosive than an ammunition dump.

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Zorormr – The Aftermath EP (Black metal EP review)

Z0RORMR - The Aftermath EP

Poland’s black metal extremists Zorormr play soul scorching music on six of their songs here, which are sure to blow your brains out in one listen.

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Death Dies – Legione (Black metal album review)

Death Dies - Legione

Death Dies play an old school style of black metal, with hints of Mayhem, Immortal and Marduk, and the music on this album is sure torture your soul.

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Beltfed Weapon -Raining Plague (Thrash Metal EP review)


Beltfed Weapon play thrash metal, assaulting the auditory senses with so much aggression, you’re prone to feel their suicidal wrath of destruction mercilessly.

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From The Vastland – Blaclkhearts (Black Metal EP review)

From The Vastland - Blackhearts

For a three-song EP, From The Vastland plays old school black metal that’s guaranteed to tear your head off of your shoulders, as “Blackhearts” is a very vile release.

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Skullthrone – Biomechanical Messiah (Death metal album review)

Skullthrone - Biomechanical Messiah

One listen to the music and the low-end deathly growls here, you’re going to be convinced that this quartet are here to destroy all that is holy.

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Temple Of Baal – Mysterium (blackened death metal album review)

Temple Of Baal - Mysterium

Listening to Temple Of Baal is like experiencing a soundtrack to your own Satanic sacrifice…

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MOR DAGOR – Redeemer

Mor Dagor - Redeemer

Mor Dagor is a solid unit as a band and definitely knows how to capitalize on their brutality driven black metal…

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