Bootlegs – Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema (thrash metal album review)

Bootlegs – Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema

he mosh-laden rhythms along with the metallic and rockish leads just blows past your face…

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MENDEED – The Dead Live By Love (Thrash Metal/Metalcore album review)

Mendeed - The Dead Live By Love

“The Dead Live By Love” is Mendeed’s finest hour, and they do not disappoint at all here.

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MENDEED – This War Will Last Forever (CD review)

Mendeed - This War Will Last Forever

Scotland’s metalcore outfit Mendeed play a pissed off, angst-driven style of heavy metal with modern touches of hardcore…

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BESTIALITY – Stuck in Bestial Vision

Bestiality - Stuck In Bestial Vision

Bestiality’s old school style of death/black metal is vicious and cruel enough to leave emotional scars on your brain and spirit for life. This is black metal with hints of death metal that’s sure to please the diehards of the extreme black.

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BREATHLESS – Return To Pangea

Breathless - Return To Pangea

Their total thrash metal assault is pretty hard on the ears and even unrelenting …

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EVILSPELL – Necrology

Evilspell - Necrology

Imagine a superb mixture of Slayer, Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, and you’ve a black thrash assault on your hands.

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SCEPTRE – Age Of Calamity

Sceptre - Age Of Calamity

India’s thrash metal stalwarts have been at it since 1999, playing their brutal and eighties style of thrash metal, and “Age Of Calamity” proves why this band is a still a force to be dealt with in Asia.

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HEMOTOXIN – Alchemist ep

Hemotoxin - Alchemist

Death/Thrash maniacs Hemotoxin is sure to inject their chaotic deathly toxins into your vein all the while you subject yourself to their auditory torture.

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MADROST – Into The Aquatic Sector

Madrost-Into The Aquatic Sector

Southern California’s thrash metal quartet play a brutal and in your face type of thrash metal music so reminiscent of the eighties when Kreator, Destruction, Tankard, Viking and Exodus used to reign supreme.

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ANY FACE – Perpetual Motion Of Deceit

Any Face - Perpetual Motion Of Deceit

Italian thrashers Any Face will blow you away with their sudden burst of aggression and inspirational melodic vocals, on their newest album “Perpetual Motion Of Deceit”.

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