Ruxt – Running Out Of Time (Heavy Metal, Hard Rock album)

Ruxt - Running Out Of Time

Ruxt’s latest studio album in the form of “Running Out Of Time” is a pure heavy metal and hard rocking release that’s sure to make you sing-a-long and headbang to every song featured here.

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Weapons Of Anew – The Collision Of Love And Hate (Heavy Rock, Metal album review)

Weapons Of Anew

Weapons Of Anew is sure to rock your world with their emotionally fueled heavy rock and metal, which is loaded with unsuspecting twists and turns.

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Ruxt – Behind The Masquerade (Melodic Heavy Metal album review)


Ruxt play a style of melodic heavy metal, which made the eighties so great and memorable, and their debut album “Behind The Masquerade” is sure to make you bang your head hard.

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Tálesien- Tálesien (Melodic/Progressive Metal album review)


Talesien, a sextet from Galicia, Spain play melodic progressive metal with hints of symphonic arrangements provided by a solid synth section and singing that’ll take your breath away.

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Bibeau videocast interview

Bibeau group

Bibeau is a five piece band outta Texas, and they play progressive heavy metal with pure emotions guaranteed to rock your world, and the video for their single “Mark This” will rock you even harder.

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Odyssea – Storm (Heavy Metal album review)


Italia’s Odyssea play heavy metal, progressive metal with such a unique edge; it’s sure to take you on an emotional journey of a lifetime.

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I am Thor – (Metal Soundtrack CD review)

I am Thor

I am Thor soundtrack is like listening to the foreboding sounds of Armageddon and headbanging to the point of getting a fucking blackout – hell yeah!!!

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Odin’s Court – Deathanity (Progressive Metal album review)

Odin's Court - Deathanity

Odin’s Court has some heavy groove rhythms and riffs, but it is more written in mind for the thinking person’s progressive metal.

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Against Evil – Fatal Assault (Heavy metal album review)

Against Evil - Fatal Assault

“Fatal Assault” is a meticulously crafted album of melodic leads, strong vocal harmonies and an overall sound, which is Heavy Metal all the way.

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Tank – Valley of Tears (Heavy Metal album review)

Tank - Valley Of Tears

If you’ve not heard of Tank before, now is the time to do so, as this is definitely their finest release to date…

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