Epoch – Sacrosanct (Death Metal album review)

Epoch - Sacrosanct

Epoch plays very eerie sounding and finely tuned darkened death metal with apocalyptic feelings contained within their latest album, “Sacrosanct”.

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BloodRedThrone Podcast interview


Guitarist Meathook filled us in on Blood Red Throne’s newest album “Union Of Flesh And Machine”, and why it is their heaviest album so far.

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Blood Red Throne – Union Of Flesh And Machine (Death Metal album review)

Blood Red Throne - Union Of Flesh And Machine

Blood Red Throne is back with its most brutally twisted and sickeningly ambitious record in the form of “Union Of Flesh And Machine”, which is sure to melt your skin right off the bones.

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Concrete – Chambers Of Afterlife (Death Metal album review)

Concrete - Chambers Of Afterlife

Bulgaria’s quintet death metal squad is sure to decapitate your head with one listen to their infamous old school death metal sounds, which made the American and European death metal scenes such a hit in the 90s.

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Desolator – Spawn Of Misanthropy EP (Death Metal CD review)

Desolator - Spawn Of Misanthropy

Sweden’s quartet Desolator is old school death metal that shatters not only your eardrums but also the sound barrier, with its sheer metal grinding guitars and perverse, deathly vocals.

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Dalkhu – Descend Into Nothingness

Dalkhu - Dsecend Into Nothingness

Slovenia’s Dalkhu play a very modern and unique style of melodic death metal that is brutal and morbidly, sinister to the touch, as “Descend Into Nothingness” completely demoralizes the listener’s ears.

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Goholor – In Saeculis Obscuris EP (death metal album review)

Goholor - In Saeculis Obscuris

The darkened aggression found on Goholor’s EP reminds of the good old days of death metal mixed with hints of black metal.

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Enthrallment – Eugenic Wombs (Brutal Death Metal album review)

Enthrallment - Eugenic Wombs

There are nine tracks of ultra chaotic, proficiently played death metal that’s sure to leave even the veteran extreme metal head in a complete state of disarray.

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Praise The Flame – Manifest Rebellion (Death Metal album review)

Praise The Flame - Manifest Rebellion

The rhythms and riffs immaculately strangle you at the neck, while the vocals senselessly smash your brains out…

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Into Darkness – Sinister Demise (dark/death metal album review)

Into Darkness - Sinister Demise

This new album is a lesson in old school grinding death metal…

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