Weapons Of Anew – The Collision Of Love And Hate (Heavy Rock, Metal album review)

Weapons Of Anew

Weapons Of Anew is sure to rock your world with their emotionally fueled heavy rock and metal, which is loaded with unsuspecting twists and turns.

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Michael Schenker Fest Live – Tokyo International Forum Hall A (Live Metal album)

Michael Schenker Fest

Guitar virtuoso and MSG founder, Michael Schenker is back with a stellar live CD, recorded in Tokyo, with some of the most well known names in the heavy rock and metal world, on stage with him.

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The Phoenix – My Turn To Deal (Heavy, Rock EP review)

The Phoenix - My Turn To Deal

The Phoenix, an all girl heavy rock band is sure to give you a big, big in the ass with their infectious choruses and rhythms on their four song EP “My Turn To Deal”.

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Doogie White & La Paz (Heavy Rock album review)

Doogie White - Shut Up and Rawk

The songs and music on “Shut Up and Rawk” is sure to stand the test of time, as the songs are packed with plenty of raw emotions…

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Rockett Queen (Podcast interview w/Walter Lee)


The Lone Star state’s Rockett Queen play high octane heavy rock & roll that’s sure to kick your ass into gear and then some. The energy alone on “Goodnight California” will make your head spin mercilessly…

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GYPSY – Twisted Levity EP

Gypsy - Twisted Levity

Gypsy’s debut EP, “Twisted Levity” speaks volumes of the Iron Maiden, Dokken, AC/DC, and Eric Johnson as far as some of their bluesy leads and riffs are concerned.

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KOUZIN BEDLAM – Longing For The Incomplete

Kouzin Bedlam - Longing For The Imcomplete

Kouzin Bedlam’s progressive metal meets heavy rock is sure to make you move in crazy ways all the while making you bang your head to their memorable harmonies and rhythms.

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ELECTRIC EARTH – Leaving For Freedom

Electric Earth - Leaving For Freedom

  ELECTRIC EARTH – Leaving For Freedom (CD) You want kick ass hard and heavy music that’ll make you put the metal to the pedal,

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http://www.leslievanstelten.com 917.325.9176

Star & Dagger play metal infused rock with some blues vibes and big fat rhythms and riffs that’ll make you want to bang your head ’til you pass out.

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BLACK OXYGEN – The American Dream


Black Oxygen will rock your world with their brand of heavy rock infused with total attitude in your face. Musically, they know their chops, even

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