Schizogen – Parasitic Origin (Guttural Death Metal album review)

Schizogen - Parasitic Origin

Kiev, Ukraine’s guttural death metal lords Schizogen play a pulverizing blend of skull shattering extreme metal meets gut regurgitating brutal death.

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Cyanosis – Perpetuation Of Eradication (Brutal death metal album review)

Cyanosis - Perpetuation Of Eradication

Cyanosis play guttural death metal that’s potent enough to make the listener regurgitate last night’s meal of visceral human flesh – yes, it is that disgustingly grotesque.

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Cerebric Turmoil – Neural Net Meltdown (Death Metal album review)

Cerebric Turmoil - Neural Net Meltdown

You not only get to experience this sadistic mental torture, but you also get stripped of your humanity with Cerebric Turmoil’s auditory bestiality.

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The Sickening – Sickness Unfold (Guttural Death Metal album review)

The Sickening - Sickness Unfold

The ten tracks of utter brutality and viciousness rolls over the listener like a freightliner, crushing their ribs…

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Anasarca – Survival Mode (Demo 2015 review)

Anasarca-Survival Mode demo

Metal heads, this is the real deal, death metal with sincerest of emotions hidden behind a veil of such destructive forces.

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HACKNEYED – Burn After Reaping

Hackneyed-Burn After Reaping

The 14 tracks of grizzly and bestial death metal here make for a very awesome listen here due its huge sound and multi-layered sonic destruction.

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BIOPSY – Fractals Of Derangement

Biopsy - Fractals Of Derangement

You just cannot go wrong with such gory styled lyrics in the form of: “Hemolytic Crisis”, “Anatomical Reconstruction” (song title reminds of early Aborted) and “Surgical Symmetry”.

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VISCERAL DISGORGE – Ingesting Putridity

Visceral Disgorge - Ingesting Putridity

Visceral Disgorge definitely know to bring guttural audio porn to death metal heads, as can be heard on the head beheading, sexual organ severing, and torso smashing musical brutality found on “Ingesting Putridity”.

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DECIMATION – Reign Of Ungodly Creation

Decimation - Reign Of Ungodly Creation

Turkish guttural death metal lunatics Decimation blast their way out of the negative maelstrom they’ve created on the cranium smashing “Reign Of Ungodly Creation”.

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EMETH – Aethyr

Emeth - Aethyr

Belgians Emeth embrace the the old school death metal style with a more modern touch, which invokes feelings of anger, hate and enough negativity to inflict mass destruction upon the human race.

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