AMOCLEN – Diagnosis: Grindcore (Grindcore album review)

Amoclen - Diagnosis

Czech grindcore lunatics Amoclen are back with their newest offering in the violent form of “Diagnosis: Grindcore”, which is sure to rip your ears off your skull.

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EdxKemper – Cut Her Head And Love Her EP (Grindcore CD review)

EdxKemper - Cut Her Head and Love Her

Greece’s EdxKemper play 100% grindcore, which is more dangerous than a F5 tornado, as their music hits you at 200 miles per hour, which is sure to decimate your ears and brains.

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Educated Scum – The Chaos Complete (Grindcore album review)

Educated Scum - The Chaos Complete

People, these dudes play grindcore from the heart, and it can be seen and felt on this 52 tracker. Yes, 52 to cuts of smoking and total ass kicking grindcore…

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Madafaka – Wasteland (deathcore e.p. review)

Madafaka - Wasteland

As punishing this bitch is, the five explosive devices making up “Wasteland” are more lethal than a nuclear weapon.

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MINDFLAIR – Scourge Of Mankind

Mindflair - Scourge Of Mankind

Their grind is pretty interesting, as some of the tracks incorporate the more heavy sludge rhythms that just go over your head like a steamroller…

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NAPALM DEATH – Apex Predator – Easy Meat


Ever since “From Enslavement To Obliteration” was released upon the extreme music masses, Napalm Death easily became one of the more recognized bands in this genre. “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” is a lethal concoction of the band’s past releases mixed in with it modern touches.

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UNREST – Grindcore

Unrest - Grindcore

“Grindcore” does not get any raw and ugly than this people, so check this out and let your ass get a nice kicking.

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THE KILL – Kill Them…All

The Kill - Kill Them All

“The Divine Word” is only 58 seconds in length and just blows by you with hurricane force winds, not even knowing what mowed you down.

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DRAP – En Naturlig Dod

Drap - En Naturlig Dod

Swedish grindcore, crust ensemble Drap play an old school style of grindcore, crust made popular by the likes of Napalm Death, Phobia, Unseen Terror and Doom.

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GRIND ZERO – Mass Distraction

Grind Zero - Mass Distraction

Italian grindmongers Grind Zero play a whirlwind of grindcore/death/thrash that’s sure to kick your ass hard!!!

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