CARNOSUS – Dogma Of The Deceased (Death Metal CD)

Carnosus - Dogma Of The Deceased

Swede’s Carnosus play a precision style of melodic death metal that’s as crushing as it sick and twisted from every musical perspective.

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Soul Gutter Podcast interview


Soul Gutter play death metal with hints of old school black metal, which is sure to rip your head off, and leave your dying corpse for the vultures circling above, to feed on.

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Soul Gutter EP (Blackened Death Metal EP review)


Finnish extreme metallers Soul Gutter have concocted a very rabid and evil, sinister approach blackened death metal that crushes all of your senses, while you die screaming.

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Humanity Delete – Fuck Forever Off (Death metal album review)

Humanity Delete - Fuck Forever Off

Humanity Delete play old death metal with a mid-tempo to darkened and doomy atmospheres mixed in with death metal brutality that’ll lay to waste everything in its way.

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Demented Ted – Promises Impure (Modern Death Metal album review)

Demented Ted - Promises Impure

Demented Ted’s re-issue of the 1993 classic “Promises Impure” is a total display of technical musical wizardry and death metal brutality that’s sure to mess you up for years to come.

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Putrevore – Tentacles Of Horror

Putrevore - Tentacles Of Horror

Musically speaking, “Tentacles Of Horror” is very reminiscent of earlier Grave, Unleashed, Bolt Thrower and Incantation.

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Grave – Out Of Respect For The Dead (death metal album review)

Grave Out Of Respect For The Dead

Grave is definitely playing some of their finest old school styled death metal here.

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WOMBBATH – Internal Caustic Torment

Wombbath-Internal Caustic Torment

Wombbath has finally gotten the respect they deserve, with their classic, out of print CD reissued on vinyl. Musically, it is an onslaught of crushing rhythms and death metal growls that’ll raise the dead.

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TRIUMVIR FOUL – An Oath Of Blood And Fire E.P.

Triumvir Foul - An Oath Of Blood and Fire

U.S.’s Triumvir Foul play Swedish style death metal from the early nineties, primarily influenced by Dismember and Grave, with slight hints of Autopsy.

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SOULSKINNER – Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom

SoulSkinner - Crypts of Ancient Wisdom

Greek’s most twisted old school death metal has to be Soulskinner, influenced by the likes of Grave, Asphyx, Fleshcrawl and Godified play blasphemous death metal at such high intensity.

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