Dead End – Reborn From The Ancient Grave (Death metal CD review)

Dead End - Reborn From The Ancient Grave

Dead End shatters the sound barrier with their brand of old school death metal with hints of doom metal that’s sure to leave the listener in a state of extreme pain.

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Bestial Deform – …Ad Leones (Death Metal album review)

Bestial Deform - …Ad Leones

Russia’s death metal group Bestial Deform is back with a vengeance, with razor sharp guitar rhythms and vocals bestial enough to destroy your world.

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Colemesis – Viviseccion (Eclectic death metal EP review)

Colemesis - Viviseccion

Colemesis’ Costa Rican unique style of death metal is bound to leave the listener begging for more of their wickedly punishing, melodic and crushing extreme metal torture.

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Bestial Deform – Together We’ll Destroy The World (Death Metal album review)

Bestial Deform - Together We'll Destroy The World

This is how death metal is supposed to be written and played, with tons of feelings of angst and enough hatred…

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Gorefest – Mindloss (Death Metal album review)

Gorefest - Mindloss

“Mindloss” is sure to go down in death metal history books as being one of the best written and played extreme metal songs the world has ever known.

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GOREFEST – Soul Survivor & Chapter 13


The band has opted for a more melodic and groove driven guitar sound. Their musicianship on “Soul Survivor” is good and definitely executed really well, but just does not sound that heavy or serious as their earlier works did.

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GOREFEST – La Muerte

Gorefest - La Muerte

Their music boarders on the fine line of thrash and death metal, mixing the two killer extremes really brings out the best in Gorefest.

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ARROGANZ – Tod & Teufel

Arroganz - Tod & Teufel

Germany’s death metal squad Arroganz deliver mind shattering death metal with razor sharp guitars and riffing that’ll cut you to pieces.

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THUNDERWORKS – Thoughts & Thunder

ThunderWorks - Thoughts & Thunder

  THUNDERWORKS – Thoughts & Thunder (CD) The creative visionary, Michael J. Amari is behind the melodic death and roll band Thunderworks, who is certain

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