Feto In Fetus – From Blessing To Violence (Death/Grind CD review)

Feto In Fetus

Polish death grind stalwarts Feto In Fetus play a blasting blend of guttural death metal infused with sick and twisted emotions of grind. “From Blessing To Violence” is sure to knock you unconscious and leave you for dead in a shallow grave.

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Decomposition Of Entrails – Pestilential Synthesis (Brutal Death Metal album review)

Decomposition Of Entrails - Pestilential Synthesis

Russia’s bestial monsters collectively known as Decomposition Of Entrails is sure to blow a hole through your head with their sonic savagery and leave you pulsating in your own pool of decaying blood.

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Cyanosis – Perpetuation Of Eradication (Brutal death metal album review)

Cyanosis - Perpetuation Of Eradication

Cyanosis play guttural death metal that’s potent enough to make the listener regurgitate last night’s meal of visceral human flesh – yes, it is that disgustingly grotesque.

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Broken Hope – Live Disease (Live Death Metal album/Blu-ray)

Broken Hope - Live Disease

Watching these guys tear up the airwaves along with their destruction of the Brutal Assault venue was nothing but sheer eye rotting candy.

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KRONOS – Arisen New Era (CD review)

Kronos - Arisen New Era

This French quartet known as Kronos has been around for 15 years now, and “Arisen New Era” is the band’s third release of ultra sonic brutality.

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HACKNEYED – Death Prevails

Hackneyed - Death Prevails

“Death Prevails” is a concoction of heart stopping blastbeats, vicious snare drum assaults, garbage disposal-sounding vocals, skin shredding guitars…

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BIOPSY – Fractals Of Derangement

Biopsy - Fractals Of Derangement

You just cannot go wrong with such gory styled lyrics in the form of: “Hemolytic Crisis”, “Anatomical Reconstruction” (song title reminds of early Aborted) and “Surgical Symmetry”.

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BOSEDEATH – Impaled From The Left

Bosedeath - Impaled From The Left

Darmstadt, Germany’s guttural death metal squad play a sick and twisted style of extreme death that is sure to make you regurgitate last night’s meal. Highly gross in content, so proceed with caution.

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INFESTED ENTRAILS – Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased

Infested Entrails - Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased

Australian blood mongers Infested Entrails desecrate the corpses of the dead violently on their newest CD, “Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased”.

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DEVANGELIC – Resurrection Denied


Rome’s guttural death metal squad Devangelic will rip your head off with their devastatingly brutal onslaught of extreme death metal of the highest order.

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