DISAVOWED – Revocation Of The Fallen (Death Metal CD)

Disavowed - Revocation Of The Fallen

Dutch death metal veterans Disavowed are back with their long awaited long player in the form of “Revocation Of The Fallen”, which sonically punishes all of your senses mercilessly.

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Feto In Fetus – From Blessing To Violence (Death/Grind CD review)

Feto In Fetus

Polish death grind stalwarts Feto In Fetus play a blasting blend of guttural death metal infused with sick and twisted emotions of grind. “From Blessing To Violence” is sure to knock you unconscious and leave you for dead in a shallow grave.

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Decomposition Of Entrails – Pestilential Synthesis (Brutal Death Metal album review)

Decomposition Of Entrails - Pestilential Synthesis

Russia’s bestial monsters collectively known as Decomposition Of Entrails is sure to blow a hole through your head with their sonic savagery and leave you pulsating in your own pool of decaying blood.

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Cyanosis – Perpetuation Of Eradication (Brutal death metal album review)

Cyanosis - Perpetuation Of Eradication

Cyanosis play guttural death metal that’s potent enough to make the listener regurgitate last night’s meal of visceral human flesh – yes, it is that disgustingly grotesque.

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Broken Hope – Live Disease (Live Death Metal album/Blu-ray)

Broken Hope - Live Disease

Watching these guys tear up the airwaves along with their destruction of the Brutal Assault venue was nothing but sheer eye rotting candy.

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KRONOS – Arisen New Era (CD review)

Kronos - Arisen New Era

This French quartet known as Kronos has been around for 15 years now, and “Arisen New Era” is the band’s third release of ultra sonic brutality.

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HACKNEYED – Death Prevails

Hackneyed - Death Prevails

“Death Prevails” is a concoction of heart stopping blastbeats, vicious snare drum assaults, garbage disposal-sounding vocals, skin shredding guitars…

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BIOPSY – Fractals Of Derangement

Biopsy - Fractals Of Derangement

You just cannot go wrong with such gory styled lyrics in the form of: “Hemolytic Crisis”, “Anatomical Reconstruction” (song title reminds of early Aborted) and “Surgical Symmetry”.

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BOSEDEATH – Impaled From The Left

Bosedeath - Impaled From The Left

Darmstadt, Germany’s guttural death metal squad play a sick and twisted style of extreme death that is sure to make you regurgitate last night’s meal. Highly gross in content, so proceed with caution.

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INFESTED ENTRAILS – Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased

Infested Entrails - Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased

Australian blood mongers Infested Entrails desecrate the corpses of the dead violently on their newest CD, “Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased”.

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