Violblast (Podcast Interview)

Violblast - Conflict

Violblast’s music is an assault on the auditory senses, which just wreaks havoc of the highest calibre making you go deaf beyond the point of no return. Guitarist Santi and Sebas gave us the insight into what makes Violblast’s “Conflict” CD so unique and heavy as hell.

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Torrefy – The Infinity Complex (Thrash Metal album review)

Torrefy - The Infinity Complex

Torrefy is going to thrash you up so bad, you’ll feel like stabbing yourself in the throat, especially when you feel their unholy wrath on “The Infinity Complex”.

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Demontage – Fire Of Iniquity (Old School Thrash Metal album review)


Canadians Demontage play blasphemous and twisted old school thrash metal, which is sure to knock you senseless after headbanging to their chaos.

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Warfist – Metal To The Bone (Old School Thrash/Death Metal album review)


Polish extreme metal legion play old school thrash/death metal on their debut CD, “Metal To The Bone”, and this album definitely brings to mind the good old days of extreme metal.

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Reabilitator – Global Degeneration (Thrash metal album review)

Reabilitator - Global Degeneration

Russian thrash trio is sure to whip your ass so damn hard, you’ll not know what hit you, as their thrash metal is more dangerous than a speeding bullet.

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Coliseum – I Hate Them All (Death metal EP review)

Coliseum - I Hate Them All

Coliseum play old school death metal with hints of early Kreator and Sodom, delivering a knock out punch on their newest EP, “I Hate Them All”.

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Armament – First Strike (Thrash Metal e.p. review)

Armament - First Strike

Armament plays their old school thrash metal like they mean it, and they definitely mean business…

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EVILSPELL – Necrology

Evilspell - Necrology

Imagine a superb mixture of Slayer, Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, and you’ve a black thrash assault on your hands.

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SCEPTRE – Age Of Calamity

Sceptre - Age Of Calamity

India’s thrash metal stalwarts have been at it since 1999, playing their brutal and eighties style of thrash metal, and “Age Of Calamity” proves why this band is a still a force to be dealt with in Asia.

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MADROST – Into The Aquatic Sector

Madrost-Into The Aquatic Sector

Southern California’s thrash metal quartet play a brutal and in your face type of thrash metal music so reminiscent of the eighties when Kreator, Destruction, Tankard, Viking and Exodus used to reign supreme.

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