Assailant/Ubiquitous Realities – Bringers of Delusion (Thrash/Death Metal Split EP review)

Assailant:Ubiquitous Realities Split EP

Assailant and Ubiquitous Realities’ split EP, is a superbly stunning display Thrash and Death Metal taken to the next level of human comprehension. It’s wickedly extreme enough to beat the crap out of you…

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Aborted (Podcast interview)

Aborted 1

Aborted play brutal death metal with a very unique edge in that, they don’t sound like any of their contemporaries, and “Retrogore” proves the fact, why Aborted is still alive and killing!

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Coliseum – I Hate Them All (Death metal EP review)

Coliseum - I Hate Them All

Coliseum play old school death metal with hints of early Kreator and Sodom, delivering a knock out punch on their newest EP, “I Hate Them All”.

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Desolator – Spawn Of Misanthropy EP (Death Metal CD review)

Desolator - Spawn Of Misanthropy

Sweden’s quartet Desolator is old school death metal that shatters not only your eardrums but also the sound barrier, with its sheer metal grinding guitars and perverse, deathly vocals.

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Dalkhu – Descend Into Nothingness

Dalkhu - Dsecend Into Nothingness

Slovenia’s Dalkhu play a very modern and unique style of melodic death metal that is brutal and morbidly, sinister to the touch, as “Descend Into Nothingness” completely demoralizes the listener’s ears.

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Exterminas – Dichotomy (Blackened death metal album review)

Exterminas - Dichotomy

These lunatic Italians in Exterminas play such a darkened form of extreme metal, it is sure to send shivers down your spine, listen to “Dichotomy” with extreme caution.

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Goholor – In Saeculis Obscuris EP (death metal album review)

Goholor - In Saeculis Obscuris

The darkened aggression found on Goholor’s EP reminds of the good old days of death metal mixed with hints of black metal.

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Broken Hope – Live Disease (Live Death Metal album/Blu-ray)

Broken Hope - Live Disease

Watching these guys tear up the airwaves along with their destruction of the Brutal Assault venue was nothing but sheer eye rotting candy.

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Inhuman – Conquerors Of The New World (Death Metal album review)

Inhuman - Conquerors Of The New World

Inhuman, may play technical death metal but they definitely do it convincingly, making followers out of potential listeners.

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Manipulation – Ecstasy (Death Metal album review)

Manipulation - Ecstasy

“Ecstasy” features everything from the repulsive snare, double bass, blast beats along with groove and rhythm powered guitars…

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