DEATHCRAEFT – On Human Devolution (Extreme Metal CD)

Deathcraeft - On Human Devolution

Greece’s purveyors of that’s extreme and atmospheric, Deathcraeft is sure to desecrate your soul into another million spirits longing for eternal suffering.

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DIABOLIC – Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost

Diabolic - Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost

Tampa, Florida’s ungodly death metal troupe Diabolic return with their newest blasphemous hell of unholy death metal from the merciless abyss.

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DERANGED – Deeds Of Ruthless Violence (Old School Death Metal CD)

Deranged - Deeds Of Ruthless Violence

Sweden’s twisted and gore soaked death metal maniacs in Deranged are back with their newest metal slab of insane sickness, in the form of Deeds Of Ruthless Violence.

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NEXORUM – Death Unchained (death metal CD)

Nexorum - Death Unchained

Norwegian blackened death metal squad Nexorum play and style of death metal which infuses the best elements of death metal and black metal, with hints of synth-driven atmospheric moments for a darkened experience.

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Druj – Chants To Irkalla (Sludgey Doom/Death Metal CD review)

Druj - Chants To Irkalla

Druj play an agonizing and an unbearable style of sludgey, doom with elements of death metal to leave your mind in a burning state of feeling, which is so brutal, you feel like bringing your own demise.

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CHAOS SYNOPSIS – Gods Of Chaos (Death Metal album review)

Chaos Synopsis - Gods Of Chaos

Brazilian death mongers will definitely rip your head and leave your body all mangled up with their punishing assault of raw, unadulterated death metal.

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Epoch – Sacrosanct (Death Metal album review)

Epoch - Sacrosanct

Epoch plays very eerie sounding and finely tuned darkened death metal with apocalyptic feelings contained within their latest album, “Sacrosanct”.

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Pestifier – Execration Diatribes (Death Metal CD review)

Pestifier - Execration Diatribes

Portugal’s death metal terrorists Pestifier is destined to blow the listener into oblivion with their wicked brand of old school, modernized death metal with immaculate precision.

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Broken Hope – Mutilated and Assimilated (Death Metal album review)

Mutilated And Assimilated CD art

Broken Hope’s newest long player in the form of “Mutilated And Assimilated” is an unrelenting Tour De Force death metal insanity, which is sure to drive you to the point of nihilistic extinction.

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666 Shades Of Shit – Bitchagram (Guttural Death Metal album review)

666 Shades Of Shit - Bitchagram

666 Shades Of Shit play horrifc, gore soaked guttural death metal, which is sure to make you drown in your own pool of shit!

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