DEAD INFECTION – Brain Corrosion (Goregrind album review)

Dead Infection - Brain Corrosion

Poland’s sick monsters in the form of Dead Infection is bound leave your flesh and body parts all mangled up once you’ve gone through the treacherous journey on “Brain Corrosion”.

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AMOCLEN – Diagnosis: Grindcore (Grindcore album review)

Amoclen - Diagnosis

Czech grindcore lunatics Amoclen are back with their newest offering in the violent form of “Diagnosis: Grindcore”, which is sure to rip your ears off your skull.

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Sarugutuwa – Namakubi (Gore Grind album review)

Sarugutuwa - Namakubi

Japan’s Sarugutuwa play a blasting brand of gore grind lethal enough to blow your head off within the first listen, as it is viciously punishing and physically demoralizing.

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Emetica – Escatolorgy (Gore grind album review)


Serbians Emetica play a wicked and flesh piercing style of gore grind sure enough to leave you in a mind shattering daze and massive confusion.

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Eradikal Insane – Mithra (Modern Death Metal album review)

Eradikal Insane - Mithra

French modern death metallers Eradikal Insane play technically challenging, melodic riffs and groove laden rhythms that’ll make you mosh until you pass out.

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Demented Ted – Promises Impure (Modern Death Metal album review)

Demented Ted - Promises Impure

Demented Ted’s re-issue of the 1993 classic “Promises Impure” is a total display of technical musical wizardry and death metal brutality that’s sure to mess you up for years to come.

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Aborted (Podcast interview)

Aborted 1

Aborted play brutal death metal with a very unique edge in that, they don’t sound like any of their contemporaries, and “Retrogore” proves the fact, why Aborted is still alive and killing!

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GOREFEST – La Muerte

Gorefest - La Muerte

Their music boarders on the fine line of thrash and death metal, mixing the two killer extremes really brings out the best in Gorefest.

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EXHUMED – Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998-2015

Exhumed - Gore Metal

Exhumed has always been an entertaining band with their early Carcass influences and delivery of real-life, horror lyrics, and their will to keep churning out gore metal for so long is a true testament to their longevity.

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CARCASS – Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel e.p.

Carcass - Surgical Remission - Surplus Steel

Carcass is sure to saw off your head and your limbs, leaving your dead and lifeless stump in the middle of the forest with their newest e.p. in the shape of “Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel”.

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