Sarugutuwa – Namakubi (Gore Grind album review)

Sarugutuwa - Namakubi

Japan’s Sarugutuwa play a blasting brand of gore grind lethal enough to blow your head off within the first listen, as it is viciously punishing and physically demoralizing.

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Escatology – Blasphemous Godhead (brutal death metal EP review)


Escatology play a very morbid mixture of vile death metal and grind core with elements of chaotic, chainsaw rhythm guitars thrown in for some serious ass kicking.

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Deranged – Struck By A Murderous Siege (Death Metal album review)


Deranged return with a new studio album after five years, and it is definitely worth the wait, as this murderous bitch is sure to decapitate you, leave your bloodied corpse for the vultures flying high above.

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Concrete – Chambers Of Afterlife (Death Metal album review)

Concrete - Chambers Of Afterlife

Bulgaria’s quintet death metal squad is sure to decapitate your head with one listen to their infamous old school death metal sounds, which made the American and European death metal scenes such a hit in the 90s.

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Avulsed – Altar Of Disembowelment (death metal e.p review)

Avulsed - Altar Of Disembowelment

Listening to Avulsed is like watching a sick and perverted horror flick, where the sexual torture is endless…

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SOTAJUMALA – Raunioissa

Sotajumala - Raunioissa

Sotajumala’s guitar harmony and rhythm laden death metal is heavy, catchy with tons of hooks, and an aural beating you’re not bound to forget.

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NEW BLOOD – Subsistence

New Blood - Subsistence

Australian brutal death metal lunatics return with their latest album in the disgusting form of “Subsistence”, and it’s sure to decapitate your head and leave you bleeding profusely.

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DECIMATION – Reign Of Ungodly Creation

Decimation - Reign Of Ungodly Creation

Turkish guttural death metal lunatics Decimation blast their way out of the negative maelstrom they’ve created on the cranium smashing “Reign Of Ungodly Creation”.

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ORION – On The Banks Of Rubicon e.p.

Orion - On The Banks Of Rubicon

India’s progressive death metal heads play an interesting and technical blend of Cannibal Corpse meets Dan Swano’s prog rock outfit Nightingale, but with a brutal yet melodic style all their own.

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INFESTED ENTRAILS – Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased

Infested Entrails - Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased

Australian blood mongers Infested Entrails desecrate the corpses of the dead violently on their newest CD, “Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased”.

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