Zorormr – The Aftermath EP (Black metal EP review)

Z0RORMR - The Aftermath EP

Poland’s black metal extremists Zorormr play soul scorching music on six of their songs here, which are sure to blow your brains out in one listen.

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Humanitas Error Est – Human Pathomorphism (black metal album review)

Humanitas Error Est

Imagine cold yet atmospheric extreme black metal sounds haunting your every move, as this is what it feels like when listening to Humanitas Error Est’s latest slab of ungodly sacrifice…

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Thus Defiled – An Unhallowed Legacy (Black Metal album review)

Thus Defiled - An Unhallowed Legacy

Thus Defiled were known for their raw-sounding black metal with thickened atmospheres of the most evil kind – imagine being confined to the infernal flames of hell, and you already imagine their spell casting chaos.

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Death Dies – Legione (Black metal album review)

Death Dies - Legione

Death Dies play an old school style of black metal, with hints of Mayhem, Immortal and Marduk, and the music on this album is sure torture your soul.

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Nazghor – Death’s Withered Chants (Black Metal album review)

Nazghor - Death's Withered Chants

Nazghor is sure to rape your soul with their Christ-fucking black metal that’s deadly enough to wipe out the entire Christian faith in one sweep…

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Pyromancer – Demo MMXV (black metal demo review)

Pyromancer - Demo MMXV

With five cuts of the purest and most hatefully produced, raw black metal, Pyromancer is sure to stab you dead center in the heart.

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Kult ov Azazel – The Dawn Of Luciferian Enlightenment (black metal demo review)

Kult ov Azazel - The Dawn Of Luciferian Enlightenment

This is just a four song demo, so imagine the emotional and physical damage a full-length release will do to your world.

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Goatthroat – Rites Of Blasphemy (Black metal album review)

Goatthroat - Rites Of Blasphemy

Goatthroat play a bestial-sounding style of black metal soaked in the ritualistic blood of the Satanic goat. This is definitely one evil of an album to stomach.

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Amezarak – Diabolical Finale Mortum

Amezarak - Diabolical Finale Mortum

The music on this album certainly creates grey atmospheres along with suspense, and melancholia under a shroud of razor sharp brutality.

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Ancient Spheres – In Conspiracy With The Night (Black metal album review)

Ancient Spheres - In Conspiracy With The Night

Ancient Spheres’ style of black metal is very reminiscent of the early nineties black metal scene, and shows how raw and bestial their razor sharp riffing can get.

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