Comatose – The Ultimate Revenge (Death Metal album review)

Comatose - The Ultimate Revenge

Phillipino old school death metal band Comatose play death metal, which is very reminicent of early Deicide, Benediction and Nocturnus. Their music is sure to beat your head in, leaving you to bleed out your brains.

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BENEDICTION – Transcend The Rubicon/The Dreams You Dread

Benediction - Transcend The Rubicon-The Dreams You Dread

Benediction’s style of slow to mid-paced death metal made a huge impact within the British as well as European death metal scenes, and influenced quite a bit of death metal upstarts all over.

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BENEDICTION – Subconscious Terror/The Grand Leveller reissue

Benediction - Subconscious Terror:The Grand Leveller

The music on “Subconscious Terror” is more in the grind vein, and would’ve sounded more in the crust punk/grindcore genre had the drumming been chaotically fast.

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BENEDICTION – Organised Chaos reissue

Benediction-Organised Chaos

“Organised Chaos” is sure to beat you into violent submission, leaving your corpse high and dry for the vultures circling above.

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BENEDICTION – Grind Bastard reissue

Benediction - Grind Bastard

England’s Benediction will thrash you up with “Grind Bastard” so bad, you’ll never ever forget just how intense their musical and vocal insanity were towards your ears and physical state of being.

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BENEDICTION – Killing Music reissue

Benediction Killing Music

2008’s “Killing Music” by Benediction is a total and brutal onslaught of down tuned, earth crushing rhythms and deep growl-style vocals, and double bass drumming that’ll beat the crap out of you.

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MONUMENTOMB – Ritual Exhumation

Monumentomb - Ritual Exhumation

Monumentomb’s skull shattering death metal is superbly powerful enough to set your head on fire, then leaving your corpse to burn…

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NERVOCHAOS – The Art Of Vengeance

Nervochaos - The Art Of Vengeance

Wow, cannot believe death and thrash metal sadists Nervochaos hail from Brazilia, and they’ve that old school death and thrash metal sound that’ll make you want to mosh until you fall flat on your face.

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