ASIA – Phoenix (Progressive Rock album review)

Asia has always been a groundbreaking progressive rock band, and the rerecorded reissue of “Phoenix” just proves how much of a unique album this was in 1982 and still is today.

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Lucifer’s Friend – Live @ Sweden Rock 2015 (Rock Music Live CD review)

LUCIFERS FRIEND Live at sweden rock_WEB

Lucifer’s Friend is going to rock you hard until you drop, begging for more soul soothing rock music at its finest, in a concert setting.

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Intelligent Music Project interview

Milen 17

Milen Vrabevski, the mind behind Intelligent Music Project gave ExplicitlyIntense’s Sarjoo Devani some very interesting and unique insights to the band’s latest album “Touching The Divine”, and how it all worked out to the last detail.

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Greg Lake & Geoff Downes – Ride The Tiger (Prog Rock album review)

Greg Lake & Geoff Downes - Ride The Tiger

“Ride The Tiger” is an amalgamation of experimental drum programming, melodically powered guitar licks, rhythms, and synth passages with semi-orchestral and pop rock sensibilities potent enough to rock your world.

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Downes Braide Association – Suburban Ghosts (Progressive Rock album review)

Downs Braide Association - Suburban Ghosts

“Suburban Ghosts”, the second and latest release from Downes Braide Association is a stellar affair of intricately crafted musicianship…

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Sam Coulson – Electric Classical (Instrumental Metal album review)

Sam Coulson-Electric Classical

Asia guitarist and solo artist Sam Coulson will blow you away on his debut CD “Electric Classical”, as it is an awesome mixture of progressively influenced guitars and classical music.

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John Wetton – Live Via Satellite (Progressive Rock album review)

John Wetton - Live Via Satellite

This should certainly appeal to fans of John Wetton, Asia and other progressive rock groups…

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GENESIS – Three Sides Live

Genesis - Three Sides Live

Genesis’ “Three Sides Live” was oringinally released back in 1981, when it was shot on their 1981 US and European Tours, and highlights the band in their live glory and life on road and backstage.

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MARILLION – Sounds That Can’t Be Made

Marillion - Sounds

The music of these neo progressive rockers is good, with some strong pop sensibilities…

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