Weapons Of Anew – The Collision Of Love And Hate (Heavy Rock, Metal album review)

Weapons Of Anew

Weapons Of Anew - The Collision Of Love And Hate

Wow! This was my initial reaction when I first put on Weapons Of Anew’s debut album “The Collision Of Love And Hate”, as it is jam packed with a huge wall of sound and emotionally charged songs.
This fivesome play metal with influences from the heavy metal and heavy rock genres, but with plenty of emotions brewing from their very personal lyrical themes and metallic yet energetic vocals and guitar harmonies. Singer Ray West (formerly of Spread Eagle) sings his heart out on all eight tracks here, and he definitely wears his emotions on his sleeves. What I most enjoyed about his singing on this album is the raw feeling driven emotions he employs within the songs here. His vocal harmonies are spot on with the intricately but tastefully played guitar rhythms, courtesy of guitarist Freddy Ordine.
Besides the vocals and superbly delivered guitar riffs and rhythms, there are other musical aspects, which make Weapons Of Anew’s music so memorable. Bassist Stefan “Reno” Cutrupi and drummer Chris Manfre give this album such a huge rhythm section with catchy grooves, as can be felt on the following tracks:“Killshot”, “Speed” and “Sundown”. These songs feel like a tidal wave just smashing into your five senses and leaving you blissfully blown away into total ecstasy.
Second guitarist Kris Norris adds his ultra heavy influences giving Ordine’s guitar arrangements such a killer contrast; you feel as if you’re being blasted with total heaviness and melodies that just leave you feeling so fucking positively sedated.
The songwriting from these five guys is nothing short of top-notch, as every track here as its own identity, thrashing the listener side to side, top to bottom with a full-on heavy musical assault all around.
Moreover, the strong studio production and sound give “The Collision Of Love And Hate” a mixture of modern day metal to an ultra wide spectrum of sounds unique to Weapons Of Anew. These guys are so damn unique in style and sound, it is very hard to label and categorize them along with any other bands within the heavy music scene.
“Awake” is a prime example of this, with it’s dark, almost dragging guitar rhythms to chilling riffs giving this song enough spice to burn a hole through your mind. Not to sound complex without getting too technical, this band play what they feel, and it is what defines the course they take here.
“Brave” is a double bass bruising, body pummeling guitar rhythm driven song, which reminds a bit of the thrash metal releases from 1989 for some weird reason. This song is definitely what the headbanger ordered, and then some…, hell yeah!
In all honesty, Weapons Of Anew has turned me into a hardcore fan of their original brand of infectious, heavy and catchy music. Ok Good Records Sarjoo Devani

Check out the very dark and heart crushing video of opening track “Killshot” below.

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