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When it comes down to musical, DAW plugins, MIDI applications and other software, which can be used as standalone products, IK Multimedia is at the heart of total innovation.

With its latest innovation: the iRing, which makes creating DJ, Club, Dance music and even other styles of music based on your imagination a hit. I’ve had a good solid couple of months to play with it, create, write some cool DJ-style songs and record stuff I thought was worth keeping, which made it all that more unique. The iRing is a set of two rings, one with a linear pattern of solid black dots and the other with a triangular pattern of solid black dots on the outside and vice versa for each ring.

What makes the iRing so mobile is that you can use it with your Iphone, Ipad or touch Ipod. Once you’ve downloaded the necessary software (which you get with the purchase of the iRing): iRing Music Maker and iRing FX for songwriters who wish to control their MIDI parameters via iRing. Using IRing FX is not a requirement for iRing Music Maker as the iRings will be sufficient enough for the iRing Music Maker application.

Personally, I was curious and only interested in taking a shot at the iRing Music Maker application on my Ipad 2, and it just blew my mind out of the water. It takes a little getting used to making hand gestures for both of your hands, where you wear the iRing, but once you get it down, it is a lot of fun. I connected my Ipad 2 by way of the audio cable, and ran it through the Auxiliary feature on the home stereo system, and I felt like DJ CJ at Club Meltdown, ha-ha. You have to keep in mind, using these two iRings by way of hand gestures towards the frontal camera on your smart phone or tablet device is the only way this works, and you also need to be where there is adequate light, as it will not work in a completely dark or even dimly lit environment. The camera on your device needs to be able to see the iRing linear and triangular patterns, so all of these hand gestures are translated into specific commands for movement on your screen. I tried it on my Iphone, and it was okay, but enjoyed it the most on my Ipad2, as it is bigger, and you can see what you are playing.

Also, the iRings are available in three colors, green, white and gray. And you can buy additional plugins for use with iRing from IK Multimedia, so the creative processes are endless.

Last but not least, I highly recommended this for songwriter pros and novices, as it is a great music-making tool, no matter what your tastes. Check it out. $24.99 USD

Visit: for more information on iRing.

[IK Multimedia]  Sarjoo Devani




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