ZZ TOP Live At Montreux 2013

ZZ Top-Live At Montreux 2013

ZZ Top-Live At Montreux 2013

ZZ TOP Live At Montreux 2013 (CD)

Having always enjoyed ZZ Top’s feel good blues inspired rock music, I was very excited to get this “Live At Montreux 2013” Blu-ray for review, but the minute I hit play, and the first moments of their concert footage came on, I was disappointed. It is an established fact, this threesome from Texas are damn good at what they do, which is write and play rock songs with a blues edge to them, but live, it is a different story.

Watching ZZ Top play live was a pain in the ass, as these guys just stand there and play. There is no exciting stage presence from the band, which play such upbeat and feel good music. For hour and half of this show, Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons just stood in their preferred spots on stage and played away. The audience too, seemed not too into it, and just stood by their seats and watched the band in dread.

Don’t get me wrong, live, these Texas boys have their chops down nice and tight and sound damn good, but fucking go out there and rev up the people who paid a pretty penny to see you perform live and also who put you at the top of the rock music pinnacle.

With classics as “Got Me Under Pressure”, “Gimme All Your Lovin’”, “Pincushion”, a trippin’ cover of Jimmy Hendrix’s “Foxey Lady”, “Legs”, “La Grange” and “Sharp Dressed Man”, just got me going, but it was hard to get to it as the atmosphere, the band, the audience were all just fucking dead.

ZZ Top should check out Toto, Queen, Queenryche, Scorpions and Ratt live, as these bands know how to put on a memorable show, with a killer stage presence. Overall, the quality was great on this Blu-ray, but there could’ve been a few more interesting camera angles too, but then again the cameraman was probably bored out of his mind, with ZZ Top’s lack of stage presence, so this too was absent.      [Eagle Vision]       Sarjoo Devani

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