ZERO DOWN – No Limit To The Evil

Zero Down - No LImit To The Evil

Zero Down - No LImit To The Evil


ZERO DOWN – No Limit To The Evil (CD)

Seattle, Washington’s eighties-sounding heavy metal stalwarts Zero Down have released their finest musical and vocal output in the shape of “No Limit To The Evil”. There are ten songs on here worthy of headbanging while you raise your spike-laden fists high in the air. This quintet is very solid in their execution, which reminds of the good old days of when heavy metal was just heavy metal, nothing more and nothing less.

From memorable guitar melodies to the powerful vocals, courtesy of Mark Hawkinson, Zero Down is sure to burn a path through your ears, leaving their brand of classic heavy metal music trademarked in your brain forever. Their dual guitar harmonies and lead runs bring to mind early Iron Maiden and Accept a lot, and with this killer trait within their songs, this quintet is set to take the world with their loud as hell, balls out metal to the max. You can definitely feel that chromium silver otherwise known as heavy metal brush up against you, getting you all psyched up for some heavy fucking metal headbanding ‘til you drop dead.

The production, sound quality and mix is fantastic on “No Limit To The Evil”, as you can hear all five members clearly, playing with the highest level of professionalism and total power.

I am kind of surprised these guys are not playing arenas, as their music is just perfect for large outdoor arenas, as their style of heavy metal needs to be heard loud and clear for the whole world to hear. Their lyrics too, are of interesting real life experiences, which many of us can relate to.

And the Ed Repka album artwork of a senior citizen religious freakoid showing off his collection of snakes while, his church gets consumed by fire, is a fucking great sight to see, ha-ha.

You want the best in heavy metal, give Zero Down a chance, as they’ll surely rock your world like never before. [Minotuaro]  Sarjoo Devani

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