Zaang – Perdition (Extreme Prog Metal album review)

Zaang - Perdition

Zaang - Perdition

Zaang – Perdition

Lille, France’s non-trendy progressive, thrash, nu-metallers are back with their debut CD, which is sure to blow the hair off of your head with their eclectic musicianship of all sorts.

“Perdition” is a musically punishing album with its eight tracks, yet tranquility finds its way through the sheer sonic chaos delivered on all of the cuts. The vocals alone have that very extreme, shouted out variations along with the more melodic crooning in places, which changes up the overall ambience of the songs featured here. With almost 40 minutes worth of music found on this album, Zaang is bound to twist your thought patterns into many unrealistic positions, leaving you dangling off your mind’s cliff leading to total darkness.

There’s even a video of the partial line up of the band practicing and jamming to the head splitting “Machine”, which comes at you with full force with its rhythmic guitar passages and a cool mixture of shouted and melodic vocals. This bitch hurts like a brass knuckle fist to your guts and still does not let up. The synthesizer arrangements on this song give it such a mysterious feel to it, yet it still decimates the senses, which is beyond me.

Zaang is not the typical progressive metal, thrash metal and nu-metal band a fan of extreme metal would expect to come from France, but Zaang is definitely ahead of its time, and is treading new musical territory within progressive and thrash metal realms.

Imagine the now defunct Lyzanxia blended in with Vandan Plas and Threat Signal, and you’ll be thrown into the vortex of never ending musical insanity, wow. “Perdition” is definitely a very interesting release of non-epic proportions and Zaang is the engine of creativity behind it.      Sarjoo Devani

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