Yuka & Chronoship – The 3rd Planetary Chronicles (Prog Rock album review)





Yuka & Chronoship – The 3rd Planetary Chronicles

Yuka & Chronoship is a rock ensemble who hail from Japan, play an atmospherically and drama inspired neo progressive rock, with plenty of out of this world harmonies and synth passages.

Majority of the material on this 13 plus tracker is more instrumental in style and direction, but songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Yuka Funakoshi (piano, keyboards & vocals) has placed most of her emphasis on trippy, at time spaced out synth arrangements. She does do lead vocals more in the vein of an angelic and atmospheric style on few of the tracks, but personally, her vocals are more used as an another instrument giving their songs more depth visually and aurally.

“Wright Flyer 1903” is a stellar number here, with her ethereal vocal style along with the time travel-like keyboard and piano arrangements. The many odd tempo shifts and tonal changes in this song make it one of the more standout cuts here. This song is upbeat, mysterious and very positive sounding in vision and feel.

With-an-hours worth of music on “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles”, the listener is treated to some of the most interestingly written and creatively put together new progressive rock. It should be noted, Yuka & Chronoship maybe from Japan, but their modern, progressive and art rock influences are from Europe, USA and rest of the world, which definitely come through, but with their own style and take on “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles”.

I found it very challenging to find a song I thought was a stand out cut here due to their wealth of talent keeping every number here unique in its own way. Despite settling on track 7 “Wright Flyer 1903” as probably one of the more original songs here, but with a few more listens, I’ll have a list of four or five more choices. To pinpoint a favorite here is close to impossible, as every song stands the test of time due to their desire to be one of a kind.

Musically, this album is not an easy listen, especially if you’re new to this style of progressive rock, but with time and repeated listens, it’ll grow on you whereby you’ll be able to appreciate the songs and musicianship for what they are. Check it out and prepare for the musical journey of your life. Aspiring musicians, especially keyboard and pianists should also check out this band, as the musicianship is interesting, giving way to awesome songwriting here.   Red Cherry Records     Sarjoo Devani


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