XY – Memories/Now/Dreams

XY - Memories:Now:Dreams

XY - Memories:Now:Dreams

XY – Memories/Now/Dreams (CD)

Musically and vocally, XY is nothing spectacular as they sound too much like Avenged Sevenfold, Finger Eleven, Crossfade and Bring Me The Horizon. They are very good musicians and know their instruments really well, and definitely know how to create a lot of interesting moods within their songs, which is a plus.

Lead vocalist and songwriter William Morabito is a strong vocalist with his varied range, but he is the main talent, which reminds of the bands mentioned above. He definitely knows how to sing, but needs to focus more on this own style than trying to sound like what is popular among alternative metal bands of today. I believe, he should be just himself and focus more on being unique, as he is a very talented singer with some great ideas…

Their songs are interesting as far as the way they are written as they showcase many unique changes within the rhythms and tempos, so as to keep the listener tuned in. None of XY’s songs sound like due to the fact the band is more writing quality music than your run of the mill sub-standard alternative metal music. They’ve even a kick ass sounding song “Deathbat”, which is a tribute to Avenged Sevenfold.

I like the fact that XY’s music comes across as sounding positive and purely driven by soul and emotion, which the band is feeling at any given time. This positive vibe only adds to the band’s simple and catchy style of playing alternative rock.

The production and mix on this album is excellent, and this element too, also brings out the band’s best performances and delivery of their songs. Not bad, just could be a little more unique in terms of their vocals. Last but not least, this is an album of songs you’d be inclined to sing along too, as their songs are very infectious in terms of groove, catchiness and memorable harmonies.       [Sliptrick]          Sarjoo Devani

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