Worselder – Paradigms Lost (Metal album review)

Worselder - Paradigms Lost

Worselder - Paradigms Lost

French metal heads Worselder play heavy metal with hints of groove powered metal and melody to get listeners all wound up likethrashing metal maniacs.
Musically, their second full length CD is in the vein of the now defunct fellow French metallers Lyzanxia. There are also some hints of thrash metal legends Exodus and Viking, but with a superb groove driven force, which lends to an awesome positive vibe throughout the album.
The ten songs on this record are played with an abundance of conviction, whereby as a listener, you just get sucked into their music, not knowing what happened to you. “Severed” is a great example of the hard hitting drums, heavy energy fueled guitar rhythms and leads along with melodic and heavy vocals that’ll have a positive effect on your mental metal state of mind here.
The songs on this album have a very unique sound, and keeps the listener hooked note for note and rhythm for rhythm. This is a very awesome quality to have, as “Worselder” is unique yet accessible to all listeners into heavy metal.
“My Consuming Grief” is another one of those tracks with its scorching riffs, blazing hot rhythms, and pain inducing vocals that’s sure to make you relive your past memories.
Frontman Guillaume Granier sings his heart out with aggression, harmony, and with so much passion, you actually can feel all of his emotions just pouring out of his soul. This is something you will feel throughout the entire CD, as “Paradigms Lost” is full of many unique emotions anyone could possibly experience.
With 54 minutes of music featured on this album, heavy metal and groove metal will never be the same, as Worselder is all about change and endless possibilities within the metal universe.
Definitely a record not to be passed up, as it will rock your world very hard.  Sliptrick Records   Sarjoo Devani

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