With Our Arms To The Sun – A Far Away Wonder (Electic Rock CD review)



With Our Arms To The Sun – A Far Away Wonder

With Our Arms To The Sun’s “A Far Away Wonder” is a challenging album to review due to its many unique and out of this world musical and vocal nuances.

There are eight songs of emotionally drowning chaos with plenty of elements of electric, acoustical guitar bliss along with atmospheric vocal passages that just make you forget about your present and relive your past. It is this character of the music, which makes WOATTS a very, very, very tripped out listening experience. To get the full effect of “A Far Away Wonder” you’d need to listen to the whole record at least two to three times without any interruptions, as it seems concentration is the key to wallow in this band’s moody highs and lows. The plateaus on this album are very solid, breathtakingly spectacular at times and at others you’re blinded by total immersion in auditory confusion. This is not a bad trait, as it makes the music here all that more interesting to sink your teeth into. It’s mysterious one minute, the next it could prove to be fatal (not literally, but it takes the music into such uncharted territory of the unknowns, that dying seems inevitable) to a weak minded listener.

I’m not trying to sound morbid, bleak or suicidal in any way, but the music and the outer space-like singing only adds a lot more depth to WOATTS’s very eclectic and emotionally draining rock music.

“Walking Through Walls” featured some heavy guitar passages along with some passionately sung vocals in a semi-monotonous style, and definitely is one of the stand out songs on this CD, as it sounds different from rest of the cuts featured here. And if you’re looking for some interesting and oddly bizarre-sounding synthesizer parts, have a listen to “Syndicate”; it’s a brilliantly written song as far as the synths and keyboards are concerned. All in all, the songs on “A Far Away Wonder” is a very atmospheric, eclectic rock album of sorts, which shows just how far songwriting creativity can take music to newer heights without any compromises.  Fade To Silence Records    Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the trippy video for the track "Tessellation", which is a noteworthy song here, with its weird and semi-psychadelic feel.

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