Vonnegut – Incanceration EP (Melodic/Brutal Death Metal CD review)



Vonnegut - Incanceration EP

Russia’s melodic and brutal death metal duo stalwart Vonnegut is back with its latest release in the form of a four song EP, which is sure to give your ears such a shock, you’ll feel as if your hearing is gone for good. “Voices From Beneath” is the third twisted cut here, and it just races by you at a wicked 100 miles per hour, with its agonized/low growl death metal vocals, backed by a punishing drum workout and guitars that will eat you up alive. This track along with the others is jam packed with plenty of hard hitting grooves, rhythmic twists and turns, creating feelings of being on a scary roller coaster ride with no end in sight. For a two-man band, these guys are very talented and creative songwriters, as their influences come from early Arch Enemy, Dimension Zero, The Crown and even with some hints of At The Gates thrown in for good measure.
Is Vonnegut doing anything new, probably not, but at the end of the day, it is the sheer heaviness of the melodic death metal found here and the quality of their songwriting arrangements, which makes for an interesting listening experience. If there is anything that sets apart this duo from the other melodic death metal bands from around the world, it would be their stellar songwriting talents infused with the sonic viciousness they unleash on “Incanceration”. I love the play on words on their EP title “Incanceration, which is supposed to be incarceration, but they’re showing how someone incarcerated behind bars withers away, as if they’re slowly dying from a hideous disease like cancer. Now, this is very, very deep and thought provoking concept, and their music only deepens the angst-ridden journey into the chaotic realms of the mind. Check it out and watch your world burn in front of your tortured eyes.  Sarjoo Devani

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