VOIVOD – Katorz

Voivod - Katorz

Voivod - Katorz


VOIVOD – Katorz (CD)

“Katorz” was Voivod’s first album release after the sudden death of long time guitarist and founding member Piggy and also the debut of former Metallica guitarist Jason “Jasonic” Newsted.

It was interesting how the majority of Piggy’s guitars were written for this album, and how vocalist Snake, drummer Away and bassist Jasonic put this album together, without Piggy’s presence. “Katorz”, though not Voivod’s heaviest release, it was a work of marvel and total professionalism, with the way the guitars, drums, bass parts and vocal arrangements were done. The ten songs on here have more of an upbeat and a rock & roll, groove driven edge to them, with Snake more focused on harmonies and melodies, sort of what was featured on “The Outer Limits” and “Angel Rat”, though not as experimental in musical direction.

However, the musicianship on this album is spot on and flawless and fluid throughout, with no breaks in its rock-driven energy. “Katorz” is the type of album you want to stage dive to, not so much headbang, but the overall positive feelings on here just make you feel damn good, no matter how bad of a day you’re having. This album has now been reissued by Metal Mind Productions out of Poland, and they’ve done a great job in the Digipac packaging for the 2000 numbered units released as collectors’ items. The booklets feature expanded artwork and their lyrics to the songs on the disc.

Voivod has always dared to venture into new musical territory, therefore having an extreme approach to their sci-fi and socially, worldly and environmentally themed lyrics. This has been a huge departure for Voivod, in their lyrics, since they released “The Outer Limits” 1993, which had a 1950s space/sci-fi movie concept within their songs and music.

This album is pretty good, more in line with their album before this one, their self titled Voivod CD from 2003, which also had more of a rock feel to it.  [Metal Mind Productions]  Sarjoo Devani



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