Vircolac – The Cursed Travails of the Demeter (Black metal album review)

Black metal

Vircolac – The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter

Ireland’s five possessed souls in Vircolac are bound to take you on a condemned journey of misery and torture on the Demeter (Drakula’s ship), which set sailed from the eastern parts of Europe to England, to spread Drakula’s great plague and death.

The four tracks making up this EP, with 26 minutes worth of pure blackened dread and psychological torment makes this a very horrific listen. This is the type of music you need to listen to in a candle lit room, in an abandoned house in the middle of literally nowhere.

Vircolac’s sound has a very haunting vibe to it, with dirge driven, heavy hearted guitar rhythms, raspy vocals struggling to survive this ungodly plague, and the percussive work sounding like the bells of winter’s doom. “The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter” has a very, very darkened aura surrounding it, with every single note coming off as an evil spirit in distress. This may sound very depressing and suicidal to a degree, but this is the type of music should you, the listener fall deeply into concentrating on it, will surely be doomed to eternal oblivion.

“Betwixt The Devil And Witches” is close to 10 minutes in length, and it is packed with plenty of mysterious-sounding plateaus of sinister visions engulfing the mind with the greatest afflictions of self-destruction and sacrifice.

Vircolac could be a full-length feature film about Dracula if they dare to add cinematic soundbytes, images, and well themed orchestral oddities in their already movie-like EP. Check it out and let Dracula’s everlasting curse drain you of life’s blood and strength.     Dark Descent Records      Sarjoo Devani



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