Violblast – Conflict (Thrash metal album review)

Violblast - Conflict

Violblast - Conflict

Violblast - Conflict

Spain’s Violblast is as vile thrash metal could ever get, with blazing fast lead runs, razor sharp rhythms that are sure to crush your skull. And the vocals too, are harsh and full of total abrasion, rough enough to rip the skin off of your bones.
“Reprisal” comes at you with its Slayer-esque thumping riffs and rhythms that just wrap themselves around your neck, while you suffocate until your last breath. Believe me, this song reminds of Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” and “South Of Heaven” opuses to a certain degree. There are also, the brash and hyper-frustrated vocal influences from Kreator’s Mille, and this also gives Violblast’s music an awesome twist, with the two main influences coming from Slayer and Kreator.
There is tons of aggression to be experienced in its rawest form on “Conflict”, with lyrics dealing with the ills of politics, societal issues and conflicts taking place globally. It’s a positive that, Violblast can pen some intelligent lyrics, which really adds more fuel to the fire their brutal thrash metal assault requires.
On the songwriting front and musicianship, this quartet plays with the highest level of energy and professionalism, which shines through on all eight songs here.
I believe there is still room for Violblast to become even more well known than they are, and with time, big things are certainly on the horizon for this thrash metal quartet, provided they stay the course and keep putting out solid-sounding records. “Conflict” is one of those albums, which is sure to stay in my mind for some time to come.
Violblast’s total thrash metal assault is sure to fuck that metal whore in you inside out, side to side, and top to bottom - be prepared for sore muscles where the sun don’t shine.   Susperia Records     Sarjoo Devani

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  1. Meenakshi says:

    Torrefy or Violblast. Your pick?

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