Vinnie Moore – Aerial Visions

Vinnie Moore - Aerial Visions

Vinnie Moore - Aerial Visions


Vinnie Moore – Aerial Visions

Instrumental rock music composer and virtuoso guitarist Vinnie Moore is back fresh with a new album in the form of “Aerial Visions”, which is sure to rock the earth with its catchy execution and style.

There are ten superbly crafted and presented rock instrumentals that make “Aerial Visions” an ambitious album, especially the awesome cover of ZZ Top’s La Grange, which smokes the original. The power of the riffs and rhythms here definitely gives “La Grange” an added kick in the ass, and this aspect is what makes this cover so out of this world. Hell, there are no vocals on it, but Moore’s playing certainly makes up for that void.

“Slam’s” got a nice drum and bass groove to it, topped-off by Vinnie’s intricately woven and melodic leads and riffs alike. When you feel the positive vibes on this track, it’s sure to lift you up emotionally especially after you’ve had a tough day at work. This is definitely one of my favorites to chill and relax to, maybe even bang my head to and let loose. The melodic licks and catchy grooves just don’t let up on this one, so don’t be surprise if this one hypnotizes you too.

The album is produced by Vinnie Moore and mixed by record producer Paul Northfield (Queensryche, Suicidal Tendencies, Danger Danger, Rush, Dream Theater), so with a very comprehensive resume like this one, you know the mix on “Aerial Visions” is tastefully accomplished with so much emotion and power present in Moore’s playing.

The title track “Aerial Visions” displays interestingly composed and played riffs that’ll totally catch you off guard. This song is just jam-packed with emotionally driven playing along with the melodic guitar harmonies, we’ve come to expect from Vinnie over the years.

“The Dark Dream” is another fine tune with its off the wall riffing and unique tempo changes, which follow every one of the changes Vinnie has in his playing, so the drumming has got its own character and rich style. This song almost put me to sleep towards the end, with it’s tripped out, digital delay infused closing, whoa…

Furthermore, Vinnie is also a part of UFO, and his playing is definitely suited more for UPO’s style of rock with them, but you can tell from the guitar’s tone and style, it is all Vinnie blazing on the leads and riffs on there as well. However, I am more interested in Moore’s playing as it got rhythm, soul, some traces of shred guitar, occasional jazz and blues, which certainly gives his music even more added depth and spice. Overall, the bass guitars and drumming sound tight and give the guitars a lot of space to breathe without sounding contrived. People, it does not get any natural sounding when it comes down to instrumental rock music, as Vinnie Moore is the master of creating this natural reality with his playing. Highly recommended for fans of Steve Vai, Tony MacAlpine, Joe Satriani and Tim Pierce. Mind’s Eye Music     Sarjoo Devani

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