VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum (black metal album review)

VI-De Praestigiis Angelorum

VI-De Praestigiis Angelorum

VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum

VI, another French eclectic black metal band playing black metal with eerie synthesizer and choir passages on some of their songs as well as blisteringly punishing rhythms.

What makes “De Praestigiis Angelorum” so eerie within the darkness that pervades the whole VI sound here are the guitar rhythms which mimic such tripped out synth passages, giving an apocalyptic feel to their music. Their guitar sound alone adds so much depth of darkness and an evil feel to their songs, it kind of makes you feel as if you’ve been left in the dark all alone.

The clashing of the odd time signatures and along with the weird, off the wall riffing gives the eight tracks here that-occult like feel.

Imagine an off key mixture of Blut Aus Nord meets Darkthrone, and the bastard child they procreate in the form of Merrimack and 1349 within its DNA make up, you’ve got a monster from hell on your hands with this one. This is surely a very soul-enslaving make up of black metal from the deepest confines of the abyss.

The clear studio production only exemplifies this trio’s skillful musicianship along with the depressive and suicidal moments found here.

These guys are very good at what they play, but I was not pleased with their lyrics done in their native French, but then again, black metal was never meant to be understood either, so I guess these lyrics are irrelevant in pursuant to understanding what VI is talking about in their songs.

The haunting trombone, orchestral parts and chilling choirs in the middle of the song “Regarde tes cadavers car il ne te permettra pas” scared the living crap out of me. Just the triumphant, anti-god sounding music in this song makes for one life changing of an event.

As much chaotic and rampant VI’s songs come at you, there is a void of emptiness, which engulfs your world, as you’re blindly led to the horrid place of immense torture. You’re bound to find this mental abuse on the track “Une place parmi les morts,” as its surely one of the stand out cuts here with it’s strummed guitar chords and hair raising moments on here.

This black metal group is not for everyone, but if you enjoy eclectic musical mannerisms with earth shattering aural clusters of madness, you’re sure to kill your own spirit, while listening to this total misery. Listen at your own risk!!!      Agonia Records     Sarjoo Devani


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