VENOM – From The Very Depths

Venom - From The Very Depths

Venom - From The Very Depths


VENOM – From The Very Depths (CD)

Newcastle Upon Tyne’s masters of the sinister and satanic themed propaganda; the mighty Venom has returned with “From The Very Depths”.

The 14 tracks of sheer chaos, noise, black metal hell and perverse heavy metal offerings make this album lyrically their most insane yet. The lyrics come across sounding very twisted in meaning and content, and it is something not to be taken seriously. Band founder and leader Cronos (bassist/vocalist) spills all of his guts on “From The Very Depths”, and you can surely experience his emotional frustrations and anger vicariously here.

Get ready to create your own hellish moshing frenzy with the likes of “The Death Of Rock N Roll”, “Long Haired Punks”, “Grinding Teeth” and “Wings Of Valkyrie”, four of the 14 songs here that’ll desecrate your soul. Musically, this CD is loaded with heavy guitar rhythms, sudden double bass explosions and Cronos’ low-end rumble from his ‘bulldozer bass’, which is sure to mow you down alive. The fact that Venom has been creating such satanic themed music for 30 plus years is nothing short of brilliant, as they’ve matured into a lethal killing machine over the years. Listening to this record, it felt like that Venom has not lost any time, and sound as brutal today as they did in 1982. Where many of their compatriots have either wimped out or stopped altogether, these guys have kept it going amidst all the fire and brimstone. Moreover, the heaviness contributed by axe grinder Rage and drummer Dante have only made the toxicity found in Venom’s every note and lyric so merciless.

It’s no wonder, that to this day, many black metal and thrash metal bands are still influenced by the unholy anthems created in Venom’s ungodly inferno. The cauldron of melting evil, dark and sinister vibes generated by this sickened trio only add to the band’s mystique.

“From The Very Depths” songs match the infernal-looking album artwork, with demons spiraling out of control and looking as if they’re about jump out of the cover and into your mouth. This has got to be the most tormented and demonic looking album artwork…

Venom knows how to match the blasphemous intensity of their music to what they’re trying to depict on their album covers. This has always been one of the band’s strong points besides writing catchy extreme metal that’s bestial enough to smash your head in.

You want sonic debauchery and mayhem, look no further than Venom’s “From The Very Depths”, as this is sure to become a fast rising classic. This is true black metal in its finest hour of triumphant glory.

Highly recommended for fans of Bathory, Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, and even fans of the NWOFBHM should dig this one. [Spinefarm] Sarjoo Devani


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