Uriah Heep – Totally Driven

URIAH HEEP totally driven

URIAH HEEP totally driven

Uriah Heep – Totally Driven

Uriah Heep has never been given the credit they deserve for writing some of the finest quality melodic and progressive rock, as can be heard on their two disc “Totally Driven” recordings from 2001.

Originally, these sound recordings were released under the name of “Remasters”, but it quickly went out of print and it was something done without the band’s complete input. Uriah Heep has now released it under its own label imprint Uriah Heep Records. These are not new songs but re-recorded versions of classic Uriah Heep numbers since their inception as a band.

The overall quality of the recording, production and mix of the 27 cuts featured between two CDs is brilliant to say the least, as the band definitely makes a statement with their melodic progressive rock.

Besides the topnotch musicianship found on this release, it is Bernie Shaw’s stellar vocal performance, as he just sings his heart out as passionately as possible on every song. His vocals are not your typical crooner type of singing, as he has a range and tone that fits the mood and depth of each song when it calls for it. The sheer dynamics of his voice is unpredictable yet very distinct, which gives Uriah Heep such a unique edge when it comes down to writing memorable songs and guitar harmonies.

Some of the rockin’ songs you’re going to bang your head to are: “Traveller In Time”, “The Easy Road”, “Easy Livin” (one of my all time favorites), “Blind Eye”, “Stealin” and “Universal Wheels”.

There are also a few ballads for those of you hopelessly in love with the softer side of rock bands, and these too, are very interesting cuts, which I feel the band has done a superb job with.

My final take on this double CD set, if you’ve not owned Uriah Heep’s previous albums or better yet even heard a bulk of their material from the late sixties to the present day, “Totally Driven” is a very comprehensive collection of some of progressive rock’s best songs ever penned by a British group. This is definitely a great place to start to familiarize yourself with such an underrated prog rock band. Uriah Heep Records   Sarjoo Devani

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Check out this very cool live version of "Wonderworld", one of the more mellower songs are I enjoyed a lot on "Totally Driven".


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