UNEARTH – Watchers Of Rule

Unearth - Watchers Of Rule

Unearth - Watchers Of Rule


UNEARTH – Watchers Of Rule


UNEARTH – Watchers Of Rule (CD)

Unearth’s music is a strong culmination of death, thrash, hardcore and hints of metalcore, “Watchers Of Rule” is just this, a melting pot of all things heavy and savage.

Lead singer Trevor Phipps just belts out his visceral frustrations, which only adds more fuel to the fire their melodic and mosh-inspired extremeness creates. The musicianship is tight enough to the point of being so damn precise; it could basically cut through your eardrums and you not even feel anything. This is how good the Massachusetts quintet is, and it only gets more and more interesting with each track, especially as the tension within their songs increases to the point of total meltdown. Imagine having a complete breakdown on a bad day, and nothing seems to be going your way, this is how their songs hit the listener on “Watchers Of Rule”.

With average length of their songs within the three-minute mark, with the exception being “Lifetime In Ruins” (at 4:00), which features some pretty interesting riffs and melodies. This song has enough twist and turns to completely lose you within the transitions of this vicious cut.

Originality-wise, Unearth is not conquering any new territory, but they sure know how to keep their songs interesting within the 3-minute time span. This is a very good attribute about Unearth’s songwriting and compositional capabilities, the listener falls victim to their sudden attacks, on every goddamn track. Also admirable here is the band’s energy throughout the 11 songs, as can be experienced within their out of control riffs, rhythms, vocal mauling and heart palpitating percussion work.

Having never experienced Unearth on stage, I can only imagine lead singer Trevor Phipps’ commanding stage presence while the rest of the band just goes on a couple our killing spree on the world’s stages.

Guitarist Ken Susi’s clean vocals add a variation to the rough vocals on “Never Cease”, and show a different side of Unearth, with their ability to try something different and not come across sounding one-dimensional. One-dimensional is something you’ll not find here, as their interesting leads, riffs and guitar harmonies give their songs a nice flare up here and there.

Unearth has just started their fire starting campaign with “Watchers Of Rule” and there is nothing that can extinguish this extreme metal inferno.  [eOne]   Sarjoo Devani


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