Uluun – Danke Dreiser !!! (Darkened Black metal album review)

Uluun - Danke Dreiser!!!

Uluun - Danke Dreiser!!!

Uluun – Danke Dreiser!!!

French atmospheric black metal terror squad Uluun drowns the listener in their depressive and mid tempo hellish inferno.

“Danke Dreiser!!!” is a five-song album clocking in at a whopping 58 minutes of solitary and melancholic charged black metal with more atmosphere than the air we breathe. The songs on here are agonizingly presented, with tons of darkened moments and a chill you’re never going to forget. Song number 2, “L’Etincelle”, which clocks in at a mere eight minutes is fueled with acidic and skin scarring rhythms and raspy screams and shrieks that are sure to make you turn to stone. This song is more deadly than staring deep into Madusa’s face and being turned into a stone statue forever. Even the riffs and leads on this song give it that funeral-like, dirge inspired sound, which would probably be used during your morbid eulogy.

“Danke Drieser!!!” is the type of black metal you’d probably suffer through on a rainy night in your haunted mansion, and watch all of the ghouls, ghosts and demons chase you to your miserable death.

The songwriting and musicianship here is good, nothing that’ll blow the roof off of your head, but it certainly fits the band’s eerie and grey image. However, it must be noted, their songs have plenty of emotion to make you sulk in your life’s saddened moments, so this is something to also consider when listening to the melancholic black metal hell found here. It’s bound to have a weird and twisted effect on your mindset, so be aware.

Experience the darkest moments in your life while listening to Uluun’s “Danke Dreiser!!!” opus, and you’ll truly understand the meaning of sadness and frustration combined.

Symbol Of Domination    Sarjoo Devani

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Check out one of the most depressive and hellish cuts on this album, "Desillusion", which is one of the most memorable songs on this CD.

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