TWILIGHTFALL – The Energy Of Soul

Twilightfall - The Energy Of Soul

Twilightfall - The Energy Of Soul

TWILIGHTFALL – The Energy Of Soul (CD)

Ukraine’s quartet, Twilightfall play an epic-sounding style of melodic thrash/death metal that’ll take you on a mental voyage of the darkest kind. It is pretty good to see a band such as Twilightfall, formed by former Nokturnal Mortum founder and lead guitarist playing and writing melodic thrash/death metal with such emotionally penetrating harmonies and melodies. Considering guitarist Wortherax used to write and play a rabid style of black metal, “The Energy of Soul” is a departure from his previous extreme style of writing.

With such intricately played riffs and melodies, Wortherax just wants to suck you right into his mysterious, guitar playing, wicked synthesizer sounds, and Coroner influenced vocals on this album. These two aspects make Twilightfall worth checking out, the Coroner vocal influences and complexity of the interestingly written and thought out guitar passages on this seven tracker. Tracks like “A Mirror Of Dreams And Reality” and “Your Chance” punish your senses by making you kneel before this monstrous of a creation as the music here enslaves your ears and your physical being.

The guitars feature interestingly played riffs, rhythms long forgotten (old school death/thrash rhythms), mid-paced, but hard-hitting drums, and vocals that’ll invoke the evil spirit in any being. I would be quite confident in putting these guys under the new heavy metal music category as they’re creating something truly refreshing and unique, with their own touch of darkness.

The sound is definitely exceptional here, as every instrument can be heard, and the songs simply suck you right into your speakers. Want a better listening experience, listen to Twilightfall with your headphones on, and you’ll be blown away into the abyss. These guys cannot sound any better as they’ve outdone themselves here by a thousand miles.    [Svarga Music]     Sarjoo Devani

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