TOURNIQUET – Onward To Freedom

Tourniquet - Onward To Freedom

Tourniquet - Onward To Freedom


TOURNIQUET – Onward To Freedom (CD)

Wow, this is the Tourniquet of today, with a whole host of guest musicians singing and writing about animal cruelty and other ills that mother nature endures in this crazy world of ours. Tourniquet sounds nothing even remotely close to their earlier releases on “Onward To Freedom”. This album is a mixture of rock, pop, heavy metal and some angst and melody driven metal. There are some hardcore influences here as well, like the agonized screamed out vocals on the title track, which also features Michael Sweet of Stryper.

Some of the other well-known musicians making appearances here include: Marty Friedman, Chris Poland (both formerly of Megadeth) and Dug Pinnick of King’s X. These are some of the more-well known rockers appearing here, and they’ve added a lot of their unique flair and creative spark on this 12-song album.

Moreover, film actor and narrator Ed Asner also lends his narrative on the tear laden “The Noble Case For Mercy” – wow, this one brought tears to my eyes.

“The Slave Ring” is a cool track with it trade-off between clean crooning and the more Pantera-esque vocals. And Chris Poland’s lead on this song is nothing short of spectacular and it just moves the listener in profound ways. I think this one of the longest lead runs on this album, go Chris Poland.

Furthermore, drummer Ted Kirkpatrick also breathes a lot of life into this new album, as he has definitely come a long ways with his unique diverse playing style. He is a heavy metal groove maestro when it comes down to percussion with a lot of attitude and badass grit.

Upon first listening to this record, I was not blown away by it, but listening to it for the second time, I’ve found something very special in the emotional music found here. This album is definitely a hit for me, and I am so thrilled that Tourniquet decided to write such a conscious album as this, because it does open a lot of eyes. “Onward To Freedom” is highly recommended, whether you’re a fan of heavy rock, popular music or heavy metal with some interesting moments.

Last but not least, I still can’t get passed the phenomenal musicianship and superbly crafted song arrangements found here. Just listen to Dug Pinnik’s somber but hopeful singing on “No Soul”, and you’ll know what I am ranting and raving about here. Excellent! [Pathogenic Records] Sarjoo Devani


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