TOTO – 35th Anniversary Live In Poland

TOTO - 35th Anniversary Live In Poland

TOTO – 35th Anniversary Live In Poland (CD)

Having enjoyed guitarist Steve Lukather’s playing and songwriting the last dozen or so years, I was absolutely delighted to check out Toto’s “35th Anniversary Live In Poland” Blu-ray. This concert footage shot at Atlas Arena, Lodz, Poland is a true testament to Toto’s live performance, especially for their 35th Anniversary celebration. These guys are such a joy to watch live, I cannot wait until they make it out to Tampa, Florida someday, so I can experience them live in their true glory.

It was good to see, the song selection Toto chose from their vast array of releases to feature on their 35th Anniversary Blu-ray as there are many of their hits as well as timeless classics such as “Africa”, “Rosanna”, “I’ll Be Over You”, “Wings Of Time”, “99” and “Hold The Line” among many other favorites this band has penned in its illustrious career. This DVD is 230 minutes and also features behind the scene snippets along with a tongue and cheek interview with core members, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro and Joseph Williams. The Blu-ray version comes nicely package with a color booklet with photos of the band taken during this show and a very interesting forward note about this rock icon.

It was nice to see Toto performing to a sold out audience, and the Lodz arena was jam packed, as far as the eye can-could see across this sea of diehard Toto fans. Also, I loved the way Toto interact with their audience, getting them all into their songs and rocking out together, yeah.

The musicianship of all the members in Toto is world class, nothing short of topnotch. It’s no wonder why these guys (Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, David Paich and Steve Porcaro) are the most sought after session musicians in the world of hard rock music.

One aspect, which is also noteworthy, is the use of multi camera angles, which gives this DVD an interesting perspective of the band’s onstage performance. This also breaks up the monotony of watching this well produced DVD as you’re constantly exposed to many unique stage views and scenes. The light show is done very well and works really good with the band’s setlist.

It was also good to see the different vocal performances between lead singer Joseph Williams, Steve Lukather and David Paich as it also made their live performance all that more fun to watch. Seeing that all three have different vocal ranges, they also complement one another on the choruses and accent their music quite well.

What do you get when you put together the most talented and accomplished musicians such as Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Joseph Williams, Simon Phillips and Nathan East as a unit? Your answer is: TOTO, all the way. “Toto 35th Anniversary Live In Poland” is my #1 pick of 2014, so check it out, as you will be quite pleased. [Eagle Rock]    Sarjoo Devani

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