Torrefy – The Infinity Complex (Thrash Metal album review)

Torrefy - The Infinity Complex

Torrefy - The Infinity Complex


Torrefy - The Infinity Complex

Vancouver, British Columbia’s old school thrash metal maniacs in Torrefy are bound to make you believe that you’ve come to an insane asylum for the mentally disturbed.
Musically, “The Infinity Complex” is a thrash metal masterpiece, with plenty of old school influences ranging from Kreator to Warbringer to Skeletonwitch. The guitar riffs and rhythms are as sharp as a butcher’s cleaver, but much cleaner cutting in the way they deliver their pulsating songwriting talents and weird arrangements.
Torrefy does not follow any basic extreme metal conventions, as their execution of the music is thrash metal influenced, but with crazy twist and turns to leave the listener’s head dangling off of their shoulders. The songs here are not technically challenging, but definitely have that raw, caustic, skin scarring music that’s sure to leave the listener emotionally fucked up for life.
Torrefy’s musicianship is pretty good, as they’re very tight and solid on all of the nine numbers featured on “The Infinity Complex”.
The torturous sounds of chaos and sonic outbursts of heart stoping guitar rhythms makes “Celestial Warfare” one of their most violent tracks, with its early Kreator, “Pleasure To Kill” and “Endless Pain” influences in the vocal department. And the solo on this song is so bloody razor sharp, it cuts your flesh at every opportunity, while you listen to this monster.
The aggression, which can be felt on this album is so real, as if you’re being tormented by some sinister force that’s possessing your soul to be pissed-off beyond the boundaries of hate and total self loathing.  From the celestial depths of infernal darkness rises a beast in the form of Torrefy who’ve come to invade your world with “The Infinity Complex”.     Sarjoo Devani

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  1. Meenakshi says:

    Torrefy is slowly becoming one of my favorites.

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