TOR MARROCK – Destroy The Soul

Tor Marrock - Destroy The Soul

Tor Marrock - Destroy The Soul

TOR MARROCK – Destroy The Soul (CD)

When I first received this full length CD from Tor Marrock, I was kind of skeptical about their music, seeing that their name is very weird and something you do not come across all the time, I figured that I give them at least one chance to prove their worthiness. Indeed they proved their worthiness for at least a review.

On a funny note, the band moniker creates images of a Scottish warrior from the Iron Age. I shit you not; Tor Marrock could’ve been one of the characters from Excalibur.

Okay, without getting sidetracked on images Tor Marrock conjure up; they’re a doom/death metal band with rock solid guitar harmonies and rhythms that spell DARKNESS in all capitals. Musically, they’ve taken the best elements from My Dying Bride, Anathema, Paradise Lost and early Celtic Frost. “Destroy The Soul” is a superb collection of eight darkened and depressive tracks that’ll take you back in time to that melancholic time in your life. Believe me, none of the eight songs on here have an upbeat feel to them as they’re misery driven and focused on wrecking the listener’s positive state of mind.

“The Harbouring Of Suicidal Thoughts” is one number that is sure to send chills of dying and self-annihilation throughout your body, encompassing all that is harmful to the human spirit, literally. Shit, you might have to go on Prozac after listening to this darkened bitch of a song.

Their vocals kind of come across as being psychotic blend of clean, haunting vocals to semi-growls that will play with your mental psyche. Tor Marrock is as sharp as can be with their musicianship, odd song arrangements, and the saddened elements making “Destroy The Soul” one fucking hell of a disturbing listen. These guys are more than just heavy metal music or even death metal music, with atmospheres that’ll torture you day and night. Highly not recommended for weak-minded listeners.    [Black Vulture]         Sarjoo Devani

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  1. Being one who likes their earlier music, I cannot wait to hear this one. When will it hit the United States? Will they tour here?

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