Tony Tears – Follow The Signs Of The Times (Doom Metal CD review)

Tony Tears - Follow The Signs Of The Times

Tony Tears - Follow The Signs Of The Times


Tony Tears – Follow The Signs Of The Times

Tony Tears, a doom metal band from Italy play a style of doom made popular by the likes of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Trouble and Paul Chain.

The style of doom here is more in the darkened vein, with slight hints of funeral doom, with a late seventies rock and metal sound, which essentially brings us to the glory days of Black Sabbath.

The downtuned guitars bring out that depressive, dirge driven sound, as if you’re at a funeral, with the church bells ringing in the background. This is the image, which is conjured up by Tony Tears’ style of doom. The clean, at times vocals also sound a bit rough too, during certain moments of their songs, it gives that chilling vibe, and you feel as if you’re sitting in some cold, darkened area of the cemetery.

Musically, it’s nothing new or even refreshing, but the depth of atmospheres they create at such a magnitude, you definitely feel a part of their melancholia. Imagine for a second being trapped in your worst nightmare and there’s nowhere to run to for safety. These were some of the feelings I felt when listening to “Follow The Signs Of The Times”.

With ten tracks of some uncensored and unadulterated doom metal, you’re surely going to feel some experiences, which you’d probably not feel with ordinary heavy metal bands. Tony Tears play doom metal from the heart and it truly can be felt in all its bastardized misery. Minotuaro Records     Sarjoo Devani


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