Tibosity – Bimbocracia (Gore Grind album review)

Tibosity - Bimbocracia

Tibosity - Bimbocracia


Tibosity – Bimbocracia

Tibosity is a Spanish gore grind/death metal band hell bent on offending followers and consumers of the mass market of commercialization on a global scale.

Formed by various members from Christ Denied, Pesta Porcina and Infected Flesh. The heaviness and ultra brutality is definitely present on the 16 comic-laden tracks found here, but being that they’re so wound up in the aesthetics of complete auditory savagery and ear canal demoralization, the music too is nothing out of the ordinary.

Three to four different chords are the order of the day here, with screamed, semi-guttural and whiny vocals spat forth at the listener’s face.

Personally, I was so bored out of my mind listening to this shit after the first three songs, I was thinking, why even bother writing a whole album of the same shit.

Plus, this shit is sung in their native Spanish language, which makes this record even more of a pain to listen to if you don’t know one word of Spanish. From the song titles, it seems the lyrics probably have some spice to them, but then again so does their comic-like album art, but musically and vocally it’s nothing exciting.

However, musically and vocally, these guys just cracked me up, as they reminded me of an early nineties garage death metal band trying to get noticed in the face of corporate adversity.

If there were anything even remotely worth mentioning here, it would be their songs “McDonald’s Apocalypse” and “Keep On Dancing In A Fat World”. I can only imagine what these two songs are about.

If you want to check out quality gore grind/death metal with a halfway use of a drum machine, check out Mortician, as these guys will literally blow your head off of your torso.

Xtreem   Sarjoo Devani

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