Thus Defiled – An Unhallowed Legacy (Black Metal album review)

Thus Defiled - An Unhallowed Legacy

Thus Defiled - An Unhallowed Legacy

Thus Defiled – An Unhallowed Legacy

Black metal has always fascinated me with its corpse paint and homage to the devil image, and it can be said, Thus Defiled was one band, which lived in this hellish inferno.

“An Unhallowed Legacy” is the title of their latest long player, which is comprised of two of their most sought after EPs: “A Darker Beauty” and “Fire Serpent Dawn”, and these two EPs make for a blisteringly brutal presentation of a band that lived in Satan’s shadows, literally. People, if hell could be any more infernal and torturous, then “An Unhallowed Legacy” is a prime example of this debauchery

Thus Defiled definitely created one heck of a lasting legacy of intense black metal for years to come, and also raise the bar high for others to follow or surpass, which only a few black metal bands have come close to doing.

With superbly crafted riffs, infernal, blazing rhythms backed up by a solid rhythm section and raspy vocals raw enough to kill the dead again, it feels like you’re dying a thousand times. Just listen to “Fire Serpent Dawn”, and you’ll feel as if these guys have unleashed their unholy arsenal of flesh piercing shrapnel to render your bloodied, lifeless corpse limp. This is the Satanic wrath Thus Defiled was known to indiscriminately scatter upon their listeners, and they did it so well.

The only black metal bands that even stand close to Thus Defiled would be Dissection, Immortal, Marduk, and last but not least, fellow Brits Hecate Enthroned who are still going strong today.

I wish Thus Defiled would make a strong comeback, as their style of black metal is sorely missed, and would give the stale black metal scene of today a much-needed boot in the ass. Check out these works of pure evil at its most satanic, and you’ll see why you’re standing within the fires of the abyss.   Shadowflame Productions    Sarjoo Devani


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